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Aeromobil flying car prototype gets off the ground for the first time (With Video)

Featured Image: Aeromobil Version 2.5, a flying car prototype from Stefan Klein, a designer from the Slovak Republic. The wings fold back to make the flying car fit on the roadways. It also runs on automotive gas (Photo: Aeromobile) SOURCE:

From GizMag By  October 17, 2013

There is a saying in flying: “If it looks good, it will fly well.” Stefan Klein, a designer from the Slovak Republic, has announced the first flight of his Aeromobil Version 2.5, a flying car prototype he has been developing over the last 20 years. This vehicle is a strikingly beautiful  design with folding wings and a propeller in the tail. But will its flight capabilities match its looks? . . . Read Complete Report

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Terrafugia flying car completes first phase of flight testing

Photo: The Terrafugia Flying Car. The Terrafugia Transition, wings folded, drives past a house in the suburbs (Photo: Terrafugia) Source


I remember back in the 1950s one of my boyhood dreams was to someday fly around in the “flying cars” like those featured on the covers of magazines like, “Mechanics Illustrated”, Boys Life”, “Popular Mechanics”, etc., etc.  Well it looks like that time is  finally here. Suit me up. . . . EDITOR

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23:55 July 1, 2012

Six years after the initial announcement that Terrafugia, Inc. would develop a “roadable airplane,” the Transition has completed the first phase of flight testing. The flight testing, carried out at Plattsburgh International Airport in northern New York State, assessed the light sport aircraft‘s full performance envelope. The Transition prototype was reported to perform “exceptionally well,” allowing the testing to be carried out quickly.

The Terrafugia Transition is classified as a light sport aircraft, and is also designed to meet National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. In addition to working as a fine aircraft, the Transition can be legally driven on the road by folding the wings after landing. . . .Read complete report


The Transition(R): Driven to Fly

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From home, to the airport, to where you really want to be. All in the Transition(R) Street-Legal Airplane, all on super unleaded autogas, all on your schedule.

Retro: Maverick Flying Car at Oshkosh (Video)

Photo: Jess Dixon in his flying automobile around 1942. Photo credit: Kobel Feature Photos via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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October 13, 2010 – Steve Saint of I-TEC drove his road-legal flying car from Florida to Oshkosh this summer. Since then the FAA has also issued the Maverick a S-LSA aircraft airworthiness certificate.

Did DEEPER: A Brief Historical Introduction to the Flying Car

from Storm Club

| Aug 26, 2011 |

If you thought flying cars were the domain of sci fi movies or the reality-stretching James Bond films – you’d be surprised. The concept has been around since the early days of motoring, when intrepid aviators and auto pioneers envisioned a time when cars ruled the sky as they did the road. The fact that in 2011 we don’t have a mass produced flying car is testament to the ill-fated efforts of some of those early innovators – but there is hope, thanks to twenty first century advances.

Early History . . . Read Complete Report w/photos