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As Libertarians, we seek a world of liberty; a world in which all individuals are sovereign over their own lives and no one is forced to sacrifice his or her values for the benefit of others.

We believe that respect for individual rights is the essential precondition for a free and prosperous world, that force and fraud must be banished from human relationships, and that only through freedom can peace and prosperity be realized.

Consequently, we defend each person’s right to engage in any activity that is peaceful and honest, and welcome the diversity that freedom brings. The world we seek to build is one where individuals are free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, without interference from government or any authoritarian power.

In the following pages we have set forth our basic principles and enumerated various policy stands derived from those principles.

These specific policies are not our goal, however. Our goal is nothing more nor less than a world set free in our lifetime, and it is to this end that we take these stands.



SEP 2015

Monday, Gallup published a new poll showing that 49% of Americans think that “the federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens.”

This is up from 30% in 2003.

Gallup also asked participants, “In what ways do you see the government posing an immediate threat to rights and freedoms of its citizens?”

Top responses were: too many laws/big government (19%); violations of civil liberties (15%); and violations of 2nd Amendment rights (12%).

Now, not all candidates who espouse the same principles as the Libertarian Party are actually registered as party members. However, one of the current crop of presidential candidates has repeatedly supported both the principles and goals described in the platform preamble. That candidate is Rand Paul.

Senator Paul is consistent (and prolific) in the art of being a peoples’ representative rather than a DC insider. Doctor Paul describes his political leanings as being in the “liberty wing’ of the Republican Party. He is not alone in that, but did you ever hear of that? No. MSM will not air that phrase.

And, as a high point for us at THEI, he wants to make the Federal Reserve accountable. Fully accountable.

Libertarian Party calls for permanent government spending slowdown, defunding Obamacare

From Libertarian Party Offical Web Page

For Immediate Release

Thursday, September 26, 2013
There is no impending government shutdown — only a government slowdown. The threat of a “shutdown” is designed to scare voters while avoiding scrutiny of reckless government overspending.

If federal lawmakers do not pass a budget or a “continuing resolution” (CR) by Oct. 1, a government spending slowdown will take effect. This could halt almost $1 trillion in annualized spending that the CR would authorize, which is the size of the current federal deficit. If made permanent, this would cut annual federal spending by approximately 27 percent to $2.7 trillion — the current level of revenues coming in.

In other words, a federal slowdown — if allowed to take full effect — would balance the federal budget. This would greatly benefit the U.S. economy. . . . Read Coomplete Press Release

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Libertarians look to bring reform within the GOP at LPAC 2013 (Video Report)

Until we get rid of the control of Diebold and the other elitist owned electronic voting machine manufacturers and go back to real Americans counting the vote – and form a REAL third party, separate from the corrupt system of the two-headed-disguised-as-one- system that the Controllers have put in place – we have no chance of ever regaining control over the rigged elections in the good ol’ USA.

Although I commend these folks for taking a shot at bringing Libertarian values into the GOP, I believe it would be more productive to continue in the direction of forming a separate party than it will be to convince the Republican folks that the government should keep their noses out of other peoples business.  They seem to love controlling other peoples actions. Like what to put in their body and which gender they should fall in love with. I just Can’t see those in the GOP giving up those type controls. Like asking Winpy to give up hambergers. . . It ain’t gonna happen.  

Sorry guys, just a thought. . . . EDITOR

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Sep 20, 2013

Day two of the Liberty Political Action Conference is about relaxing among likeminded people.However, this is a packed day with breakout sessions, private briefing and grassroots activist training. Their goal is to either morph the Republican Party or break the two-party system altogether. RT’s Perianne Boring reports from this year’s event.

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Ron Paul “In A Libertarian Society There Is NO Military-Industrial Complex!” (+) Eisenhower warns us of the M-IC. (Video Reports)

Featured Image: Ron Paul official Congressional photo portrait, 2007. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).

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Ron Paul “In A Libertarian Society There Is NO Military Industrial Complex!”

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Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

Uploaded on Aug 4, 2006

Dwight D. Eisenhower exit speech on Jan.17,1961.
Warning us of the military industrial complex.

1,139,562 Votes for Gov. Gary Johnson. Record-Setting Libertarian Party Presidential Vote

Well we didn’t get our goal of 5% of the vote. (1%) But we didn’t start talking about the possibility of being recognized as a party with the same status as the Controllers one-party-acting-as-one by getting 5 % until the lase couple of days before the election.

But I’m not unhappy with the vote we did get.  Why am I not unhappy? I happen to have been at one of the first gathering of people interested in a freedom party in LA in 1971 and  the founders of the Libertarian explained to us that we would not be recognized overnight. The Libertarian plan (at that time) was a 200 year plan.  I think we are making better progress than that. . . EDITOR 

from The Libertarian Party

posted by Staff on Nov 07, 2012


Gary Johnson Breaks Ed Clark’s 1980 Vote Record of 921,128 Votes for President of the United States

2012 Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Gov. Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray More Than DOUBLED the 2008 Vote Total of Bob Barr and Wayne Root. . . . Read Official Press Release

3rd Party Presidential DEBATE Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein VS Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Gary Johnson

“Courage to Take on the Establishment” (Green Party)

Why NO True Libertarian, NO True Ron Paul Supporter, NO True Tea Partier Will Even Consider Voting For Big Govt. Mitt Romney”

from RTAmerica

Streamed live on Nov 5, 2012
Libertarian Party candidate Gov. Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein sound off once more before Election Day, debating live from RT’s Washington, DC studio on November 5.

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Talks Nwo, Bilderberg & Bohemian Grove (Video Report)

from TheAlexJonesChannel

Published on Oct 31, 2012

Gary Johnson has been an outspoken advocate for efficient government, balanced budgets, rational drug policy reform, protection of civil liberties, comprehensive tax reform, and personal freedom. As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his common sense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in state government in half, and privatized half of the state prisons.

Don’t forget! THEI will carry the Third Party Debate LIVE! between Gary Johnson and Green Party Candidate Dr. Jill Stein this coming Monday, Nov. 5, 2012 at 9 P.M. ET.  See ya here! . . . EDITOR

Press Release from the Libertarian party: An Open Letter to the Commission on Presidential Debates (w/Video Report)

Although I worked for 52 of my 68 years and paid my taxes every one of those years I am now retired on Social Security and pay no taxes because my income is below the level. That puts me in the 47% of Americans that Republican candidate Mitt Romney is not worried about in this election, and in fact showed a high disrespect for in the comments he made when he thought he wasn’t being watched. (SEE Video at bottom of posting)

But I am also one of the 6% voting for Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson. As the longest running third party in the Nation I see no reason why, my choice,  Governor Johnson is not allowed to be in the debates.

This is blatantly ignoring MY presidential chose by the secretive Commission on Political Debates and another proof of the Controlled Police State we live in. . . . EDITOR

from The Libertarian Party

For Immediate Release
Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Members of the Commission:

On behalf of the 6% of likely voters nationwide who plan to vote for the Libertarian Presidential Ticket of Governor Gary Johnson and Judge Jim Gray this November 6th (Polled 9/21 by Princeton Survey Research International),

On behalf of the 2% to 10.6% of likely voters polled in the razor-close Tipping Point States of New Hampshire, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, and Colorado — who plan to vote for Libertarian Presidential candidate, 2-Term Governor Gary Johnson,

On behalf of the 26,192 individuals (as of 10/1/12) who signed the petition for you to include Libertarian Presidential candidate, Governor Gary Johnson in the Presidential Debates with Democratic Presidential candidate, President Barack Obama and Republican Presidential candidate, Governor Mitt Romney,

2-Term Governor Gary Johnson is Qualified to be Included in these Presidential Debates . . . Read Complete Press Release

from youtube

Published on Sep 25, 2012 by 

Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson has filed a lawsuit to win a spot in the presidential debates that start in Denver on Oct. 3.

It’s unlikely that he will succeed, but Johnson argues that the private Commission on Presidential Debates, along with the Democratic and the Republican parties, are unfairly blocking him from participating. Only President Barack Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney are being allowed to debate. . . From the text posted with video on youtube

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Mitt Romney 47% Of Americans Pay No Income Tax Leaked Video

Published on Sep 18, 2012 by 

2012 Libertarian VP Candidate: Judge Jim Gray at Boston Freedom Rally (Video Appearance )

Meet James Gray, running mate of my party’s Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson. Many say I’m wasting my vote. I ask those who will vote for one of the two Controller’s Applicants; AND you’re voting for which puppet??  Vote your conscience – Vote Libertarian . . . EDITOR 

Take the World’s Shortest Political Quiz


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Judge Jim Gray

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Judge Jim Gray at Boston Freedom Rally running for Vice President on Libertarian Party ticket with Gary Johnson. Introduced by Julia from and Dex Ter of

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GARY JOHNSON We The People ARE Libertarian

Published on Aug 20, 2012 by 

Two-term governor, Gary Johnson says “Don’t be surprised to find out you’re more Libertarian than you think.” It’s time to put parties and differences aside and focus on solving the problems leaders in the Republican and Democratic Parties have created for America. This year, you don’t have to BE Libertarian to vote Libertarian. Together, we’ll end the wars, abolish the IRS, end the war on drugs, bring back industry and jobs, and get our finances under control. Be Libertarian with Gary Johnson for one election. LIVE FREE . . . Posted with video at youtube

Libertarian Freedom Fest hits the streets of Vegas (Video Report)

I have been a card carrying Libertairan since they first started. Wish I could attend this function. . . EDITOR

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Published on Jul 12, 2012 by    

Libertarians will be flooding the streets of Las Vegas. Thousands are expected to attend Freedom Fest which features forums, debates and freedom lover speakers. The agenda will cover anything and everything from Wall Street to the 2012 election. Matt Welch, editor in chief for Reason Magazine, joins us with more about the event and the Libertarian movement.