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The Resident: NYC Pays Occupy Wall Street Six Figures (Video Report)

Featured Image: Poster for the “Occupy the Courts” National Day of  protest on 1/20/12. SOURCE: Occupy. (Seemed appropriate). . . . EDITOR

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Published on Apr 12, 2013

When the NYPD raided the Occupy Wall Street encampment at Zuccotti Park in 2011, they seized much property that was ultimately destroyed. This is in violation to legal codes and procedures for proper seizure of property by law enforcement. Occupy Wall Street sued the city for over $200,000 and won. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) explores the story.

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OCCUPY Wall Street ANNIVERSARY ! Protesters Arrested In New York City During Occupy Wall Street Anniversary Event


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First Posted: 09/17/2012 9:47 am Updated: 09/17/2012 2:00 pm

AP — NEW YORK — Police say more than 100 people have been arrested as Occupy Wall Street protesters march in small groups around Manhattan’s financial district to mark the anniversary of the grass-roots movement. . . . Read Complete Report

UPDATE: Are cops drugging Occupy Wall Street protesters in Minnesota? (w/video report)

Photo May 1, 2012 Occupy Movement – Brooklyn Bridge Photo (Public Domain) by: David Shankbone


We originally covered this story as a side bar on May 3, 2012 when we featured a series of videos showing different Occupy protests around the country . . . EDITOR

Original Report: May 1, 2012 The OCCUPY Movement : The Other Side

Are cops drugging Occupy Wall Street protesters in Minnesota?

Published: 15 May, 2012, 20:44

After footage surfaced of Occupy Wall Street protesters in Minnesota making claims that they’ve been drugged by police officers, authorities in the state have opened up a criminal investigation.

At least one Minnesota state trooper has been placed on paid leave since law enforcement officers began investigating allegations that cops arrived at Occupy Wall Street encampments and drugged protesters.

Independent filmmakers and journalists in the state say that they have encountered members of local Occupy offshoots who say they have been offered drugs by law enforcement officers. Protesters who opt in to the program are stoned for free while, in turn, cops monitor the effects of the intoxicants. . . . Read Complete Report

Veterans Join “Occupy Wall Street” protests

  From: Military News. com News

 Veterans Heeding Occupy Call to     March


November 03, 2011

Associated Press|by Verena Dobnik

Veterans Heeding Occupy Call to MarchNEW YORK — Thousands of U.S. military veterans are heeding the rallying cry of Occupy Wall Street, saying corporate contractors in Iraq made big money while the troops defending them came home – and can’t make a living now.

“For too long, our voices have been silenced, suppressed and ignored in favor of the voices of Wall Street and the banks and the corporations,” said Joseph Carter, a 27-year-old Iraq war veteran who marched Wednesday to Zuccotti Park, the epicenter of the movement that has spread worldwide. . . . continue report


Journalist sues NYPD for alleged Occupy beating

Featured Image: Occupy Wall Street photo by David Shankbone (Public-Domain)

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Occupiers reflect on 2-year-anniversary of OWS (Video Report)

From youtube uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Sep 17, 2013

Tuesday marked the two year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Two years ago protesters hit the street in mass numbers to show their disdain for the economic state of the country and their anger towards the US government for bailing out the big banks. So what has changed in the last couple years? Occupy activists Sam Jewler, Mike Perlman and Ilana Alazzeh join us to give us an update on the movement.

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UPDATE: The Resident: Proof – Portland lied about OWS evictions (Video Report)

Featured Image: Occupy Wall Street protesters. CREDIT: David Shankbone. (Public-Domain).

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Published on May 23, 2013

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund has obtained documents that prove OWS protesters encamped in Terry Schrunk Plaza in Portland, Oregon, were evicted for political and business reasons – not for the reasons the city stated, which were health and safety concerns. The documents also shed light on police activity in Boston and across the nation in terms of the OWS movement in general. The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) talks about the issue.
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DHS spying on peaceful protesters, says it’s legal (Video Report)

Photo: (THEI Archive) Chjicago NATO Rally. Sat. Night 5.20.12 SOURCE: Occupy

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Published on Apr 4, 2013

On Tuesday the advocacy group Partnership for Civil Justice Fund released new documents that show the Department of Homeland Security is conducting surveillance on peaceful protest groups, like Occupy Wall Street. DHS is claiming it has every right to keep track on peaceful demonstrators, but critics say it’s an abuse of their power.
According to the documents it turns out, DHS has been spying on peaceful, law abiding citizens since 2006, and they say it’s legal. For more Michael Brooks a producer for The Majority Report joins us.

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Occupy LA sues city over mass arrests (+) FBI labels Occupiers “domestic terrorists” (Video Reports)

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OWS sues LA for human rights violations

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Published on Dec 26, 2012

Occupy LA movement activists are suing the city of Los Angeles for their civil rights violations. In November 2011 some protesters were detained while staging an eight-week-long encampment at City Hall teamed up with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Police responded by performing a sweep that affected nearly 300 demonstrators. The group has now filed an A class lawsuit accusing the law enforcement officials of violating human rights and mistreating the protesters in penitentiary. One of the named plaintiffs in the case, Michael Prysner joins us for more.


Published on Dec 24, 2012

On November 30th last year around 300 protesters were arrested at the Los Angeles City Hall after being camped out in the vicinity for over two months. An estimated 1400 police officers showed up and blazed through the encampment in what protesters are now calling a “shock and awe” attack on their rights. The movement activists have now filed A class action lawsuit for the arrests and the protesters’ treatment while in custody. RT’s Ramon Galindo brings the latest from Los Angeles


FBI labels Occupiers “domestic terrorists”

Published on Dec 24, 2012

According to reports released by FBI local law enforcement officials teamed up with The Department of Homeland Security in order to deal with the Occupy Wall Street movement. Moreover, the FBI used the term “domestic terrorism” when referring to the non-violent movement. Foya request, an independent journalist and activist Anna Lekas Miller joins us to break it down.

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The Federal Reserve, a Privately Owned Banking Cartel, Has Been Given Police Powers, with Glock 22s and Patrol Cars (W/Videos)

My question – is the privately owned Central Bank, the so called Federal Reserve Bank, paying for this new “Federal Police Force” or are we the people paying? Of course, in the end, anything the FED spends money on comes out of the pockets of we the people, in the form of the interest we are charged by the private owners of that private bank to borrow our own money. . . EDITOR 
from alertnet

September 17, 2012

 By Pam Martens

Shocking signs of business control of government

By mid morning on Monday, September 17, as Occupy Wall Street protesters marched around the perimeter of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, all signs that an FRPD (Federal Reserve Police Department) existed had disappeared.  The FRPD patrol cars and law enforcement officers had been replaced by NYPD patrol cars and officers.   That decision may have been made to keep from drawing attention to a mushrooming new domestic police force that most Americans do not know exists.

Quietly, without fanfare or Congressional hearings, the USA Patriot Act in 2001 bestowed on the 12 privately owned Federal Reserve Banks, domestic policing powers. . . . Read Complete Report

FEDERAL RESERVE’s Own POLICE FORCE Intimidate/Harass Innocent People for Filming Building

Published on Jun 14, 2012 by 


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THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS A PRIVATE BANKING CARTEL 11/22/08 IN 38 CITIES. END-THE-FED, END-THE-FED, END-THE-FED…call your rep tell them to support and co-sponsor hr 2755 to Abolish the Federal Reserve System. . . . Text Posted With Video on youtube.