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Underground bases human and ET (video)

Photo: Warning sign outside the entrance to the most infamous of all (rumored) secret underground government facilities –  Area 51. Said to have 7 below ground levels including Human/alien experimental labs. SOURCE Public Domain

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L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour: 10,000 Plus M.P.H. Tunnel Train Used for Underground Bases?

Photo: Cover of Rand 1972 Report on the Very High Speed Transit System (VHST). Read Complete PDF Document on Line

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By Shepard Ambellas & Avalon
April 12, 2012

Note: This article is an add-on to our ongoing series, in conjunction with Dr. Richard Sauder, on the existence of a vast network of underground bases throughout the country.

Read part 1 of the series: “Nazi Engineers, Secret U.S. Military Bases, and Elevators To The Subterranean and Submarine Depths.”

The Vary High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country. , , , Read Complete Report

The VHST Proposed map of the High Speed Underground Railroad SOURCE Rand Corp. Report

Retro: UFO Hunters: Underground Bases, Dulce, N.M. (History Channel Video)

I first heard about the Dulce underground bases back in the late 80s.  Someone who wishes to remain unnamed sent me copies of the Dulce Papers in 1992. Since then I have become friends with several of the original investigators.  If someone asked me where on earth would be the best place to look for underground bases, I would have to say that Dulce is the most likely place to look.  Here is what the UFO Hunters found and presented on the History Channel in 2009.  For those who would like to keep up with the Dulce story there is a great active yahoo group that welcomes interested members, Dulce Base Investigators. Tell ‘um Dennis Crenshaw sent you  . . . EDITOR

Further Research

Probing Deeper Into The Dulce ‘Enigma’ by John RHodes

Go DEEPER:To read my 3 part research report, “Secret Underground Tunnels, Past and Present” start here: Part 1: The Meso-American Connection

Underground Bases and Tunnels

from Operation Camelot

Underground Bases and Tunnels


Most tunneling activity is under military installations and all information is highly restricted. Former employees of said facilities have surfaced over the years to talk of massive underground installations in places like Area 51, the Northrop facility in Antelope Valley, California (rumored to have 42 levels), and the Lockheed installation near Edwards, California.

“The ‘Black Budget’ currently consumes $1.25 trillion per year. At least this amount is used in black programs, like those concerned with deep underground military bases. Presently, there are 129 deep underground military bases in the United States. They have been building these 129 bases day and night, unceasingly, since the early 1940’s. Some of them were built even earlier than that. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-leviton trains that have speeds up to Mach 2. Several books have been written about this activity”.  . . . Read complete report /w photos

Underground Government Bases (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: Picture of the South Portal entrance to Yucca Mountain. The large device to the left is the TBM that excavated the main tunnel which is called the Exploratory Studies Facility. The tunnel is 5 miles long and is U-shaped. Repository will be 1000 feet below the surface of the mountain and 1000 feet above the water table. CREDIT: Daniel Mayer  SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license).

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Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive: “Underground”

Retro: D.U.M.B.s Deep Underground Military Bases (Full Documentary)

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Uploaded on Oct 26, 2008

The pictures contained in this video are a collection from a collaborated group of anonymous hackers and personal researchers, I therefore cannot confirm the legitimacy of ALL of the pictures within… however, MANY of the pictures are legitimate photo’s of actual D.U.M.B’s and the diggers used to make them. The objective of this video is to bring this subject into the open and to show that the technology exists as do the facilities… and we’re the ones paying for it! . . . Read Complete post @ youtube

Researcher Richard Sauder discussed the black budget world of super-secret underground, and undersea, bases and tunnels. (Full Video Report)

from Coast to Coast via DiscloseTruthTV

Published on Oct 18, 2012

Researcher Richard Sauder discussed the black budget world of super-secret underground, and undersea, bases and tunnels, and the vast sums of money siphoned off from the economy to build them.

Assessment of PLA Underground Airforce Bases (China)

No# 1 photo presented in  in this study. PLA-AF Shenyang J-8 Finback fighters being towed into one of the PLA’s many “super-hardened” underground air bases. Tunneled horizontally into the sides of hills, these bases are unusually difficult to destroy and permit concealed preparations for operation, as fueling, weapons loading and runup activity is invisible to orbital and airborne ISR assets. Note the open exterior blast door (Chinese Internet). SOURCE:


Notice how much China has been in the news lately… buying up your local movie theater chain (AMC), hotels, closed bases…building towns to move their people over.  You catch my drift.  They’re just spending all that money that they make selling us disposable  junk we all buy at the local big box store. Of course we can’t really say anything. That’s the American way – Invest. Make money.

But, The thing that REALLY bothers me is that they are spending a lot of that money on war preparation also.

I found the following Air Power Australia Analysis: “Assessment of PLA Underground Air Bases” to be very thorough,  very interesting and very, very troubling. . . . EDITOR

from Air Power Australia

Assessing PLA Underground Air Basing Capability

Air Power Australia Analysis 2011-01
16th February 2011

A Monograph by
Sean O’Connor, BA, MS (AMU)
Dr Carlo Kopp, SMAIAA, SMIEEE, PEng
Text © 2011 Sean O’Connor, Carlo Kopp


The PLA’s network of around forty underground airbases provides a unique and indeed superlative capability to withstand a large scale counter-air campaign, as significant effort with penetrating munitions of large mass would be required to close such bases down for the duration of the campaign, or permanently render them unusable.As these bases deny surveillance by orbital, airborne or ground based ISR assets, they provide an inherent capability to perform covert preparations for combat operations, be it in times of conflict, or in the period immediately preceding a conflict. . . . Read Extensive report, w/photos, charts etc.

THEI Archive: Secret Underground Tunnels Past & Present Part 1

Secret Underground Tunnels Past & Present Part 1: The Meso-American Connection

(c) 1996 by Dennis Crenshaw The Hollow Earth Insider Vol.3 #6



Over the past 10 or 15 years stories and rumors about government underground tunnels, bases and cities have dominated much of the talk and energy of those of us seeking the truth about things our government and others seem to work very hard to keep secret. . . .”

“. . . However, each time I read something on these underground activities one question keeps coming to mind. Why aren’t these modern researchers looking at the connections between today’s top-secret goings on and the tunnels that have existed inside our earth since before written history?

Many of today’s reported underground activities seem to be centered around some of the same areas that ancient excavations are known to be located; For instance, in and around White Sands New Mexico and the Four Corners area of the country. Before we go too far into this aspect of the mystery we’ll have to study a little of the true history of the Americas. . . ” Read Complete Report

Dig a Little DEEPER  Hollow Earth/ Subterranean Worlds

Caged Humans Held Prisoner Underground & Deranged Experiments Beyond Imagination!

Featured Image: Dulce, N.M. CREDIT and SOURCE: Dulce Base Investigators – Yahoo-Group.

From Before it’s News Monday, October 21, 2013 16:31

In this video news report, we are going to take a frighteningly curious trip to Dulce, New Mexico—the sinister, mysterious underground, where people have gone and never returned! It is said that these secret underground facilities house demonic alien beings, as well as ‘freak’ genetic mutations, where man and ‘mystery creature’ work together in unison doing things far too sinister to even repeat!  So evil and wicked, they must hide miles beneath the mountains where no one can see them!

The first video boasts ‘alleged’ real footage inside of the underground facility, particularly the ‘said’ cages.

So come with me on this memorable, eerie and chilling trip through cold, dark tunnels that twist and turn around the dark crevices of hell on earth; to places you only visit once, never again to return! . . . Continue extensive report with photos and videos.

From youtube uploaded by Mohammed Amin

Published on Nov 4, 2012

Preparedness Expo 96 – For Peace of Mind in Our Changing World


Phil Schneider – Former Government Geologist and Engineer
Survivor of the Alien-Human War at Dulce, New Mexico

Secret Underground Bases and The New World Order

Phil Schneider has 17 years experience working in the government black projects carrying a level three security clearance (Rhyolite 38).
Formerly, as a government geologist and engineer, he worked in the black projects underground bases at Area 51, S-4, and Los Alamos.
He co-invented methods used in shaped charge explosives research to facilitate the building of underground military bases as well as submarine bases.
Phil is one of only three survivors of the now infamous Alien/Human War at Dulce, New Mexico and Los Alamos underground bases where 66 government agents and workers lost their lives in August of 1979.

This is his story…

Dig a Little Deeper: THEI Underground Bases Archive