Armies in history that have ‘disappeared’


Armies in history that have ‘disappeared’
, Military History Examiner
January 6, 2012
Throughout the history of the world, massive armies have moved across countries and sometimes across the globe to fight their enemies. In some cases, particularly long ago, whole units and even armies have disappeared. It is worth noting that historical records often do not tell the whole story. There is also the fact that armies were once much more likely to travel into hostile territory with scant knowledge of waterand food sources. Locals were unlikely to help them and it was commonplace to cut off an army’s supply of food and water as a strategy. A thus beleaguered army would have had little chance in vast wildernesses. It is also unlikely that they would have been accounted for and buried by the enemy, had they met with misfortune. Therefore, most of these are hardly mysterious. They are merely bizarre on their scale. . .  Continue reading on


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