From Your Editor’s Home Town: Former Congresswoman Corrine Brown on Trial: Week One

Due to the lack of coverage of this important trial from the MSM we will cover the whole trial using local coverage from here in Jacksonville Florida on THEI . . . Your Editor Dennis Crenshaw

Jacksonville Florida April 26 – April 28, 2017

Jury selected in Brown corruption trial; Opening statements could begin after lunch break

First Coast News Jacob Rodriguez, WTLV 3:30 PM. EDT April 26, 2017

Photo: Jacksonville Florida Federal Court House. Fair use.

Judge James Klindt told the federal court on Tuesday that he believes the jury will be selected around the lunch break and the trial could start as early as 1 p.m. He added that’s all contingent on if the jury is seated in a timely manner.

By 10 a.m., the potential jury was selected but not yet seated and the court took a brief recess before moving forward with jury seating and instruction. . . . Read Complete Report


 Corrine Brown Timeline – How We Got Here

First Coast News WTLV 10:49 AM. EDT April 27, 2017

YouTube ~ First Coast News

Who is Judge Corrigan?

Published on Apr 25, 2017

Steven Dial details the background of the judge who is going to be presiding over former Congressowman Corrine Brown’s case.

‘Lying, cheating and stealing’: Corrine Brown’s trial begins in Jacksonville

Action News Jax CBS47/Fox30 10:49 AM. EDT April 27, 2017

Photo: Trial Courtroom Sketch: Corrine Brown (right) is facing fraud charges in a Jacksonville courtroom.  April 26,2017. CBS 46/Fox 30. Fair Use.


Highlights of the Opening Statements in the Corrine Brown trial

 First CoastNews  ABC Apr 26,2017

Below are highlights from the Opening Statements of both sides in the Corrine Brown federal fraud and corruption trial.  These highlights are significant chunks, but not the entire opening statements, from both sides. . . . Read Complete Report


Day 1 of former Congresswoman Corrine Brown’s trial

YouTube ~ First Coast News ABC Published on Apr 26, 2017

Opening statements were made and two witnesses took the stand

Day 2 of Former Congresswoman Corrine Browns trial

High-profile witnesses take stand in Corrine Brown corruption trial, including former CSX CEO

First Coast News ABC Jacob Rodriguez, WTLV 5:32 PM. EDT April 27, 2017

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.- Testimony continued in the first full day of questioning in the corruption trial against former U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown Thursday at the federal court building in downtown Jacksonville. . . . Read Complete Report

Corrine Brown Trial: FBI agent says charity spent extravagant amounts on events

Action News Jax CBS47/FOX30  April 27,2017 7:10 PM


Day 3 of Former Congresswoman Corrine Browns Trial

Jags game luxury skybox subject of witness testimony Friday morning in Brown trial

First Coast News Jacob Rodriguez, WTLV 1:44 PM. EDT April 28, 2017


“James Smith, her defense attorney, told the court during opening arguments Wednesday, that Brown fully believed in the charity and was instead duped by her chief of staff and the president of the charity for years.

“Assistant U.S. Attorney A. Tysen Duva told the court during the government’s opening remarks that the trial was about a greedy, entitled member of Congress; that this was a case of corruption in the highest levels of government. . . Read complete Report


Former Rep. Brown corruption trial: Single donor gave bogus charity over $90,000

First Coast New 6:04 PM. EDT April 28, 2017

Action News Jax 4/28/17 Published at 7:44 PM

Next Friday, May 6, 2017: Week 2 of Corrine Brown Fraud Trial

Dig a Little DEEPER: Meet Corrine Brown

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