Building a Universe in a Bottle

While researching my next book, Falling Up!, I ran across this important story


“Nikodem Poplawski displays a “tornado in a tube”. The top bottle symbolizes a black hole, the connected necks represent a wormhole and the lower bottle symbolizes the growing universe on the just-formed other side of the wormhole. Credit: Courtesy of Indiana University

“Our universe may exist inside a black hole. This may sound strange, but it could actually be the best explanation of how the universe began, and what we observe today. It’s a theory that has been explored over the past few decades by a small group of physicists including myself.¬†

“Successful as it is, there are notable unsolved questions with the standard big bang theory…”

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Wait for it: Yes, this is the core topic of the next book (that pun will become evident after publication). Read the story in the link and realize that for every black hole, there are quadrillions of white holes, gently oozing that doomed matter back into one universe or another.

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  1. rickosmon says:

    As I mentioned above, I found this story while working on my next book project, Falling Up!
    You can help with that, too. Just go to
    I’ll post more about in the very near future right here on The Hollow Earth Insider. Stay tuned…

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