All-electric aircraft to emulate Lindbergh’s historic transatlantic flight

Photo: llustration of Spirit of St. Louis:Wikipedia (Public Domain)

from GizMag


18:52 May 31, 2012

Photo: U.S. “Lindbergh Air Mail” Postage Stamp (Scott C-10) issued June 11, 1927. Source Public Domain

Eighty five years ago, Charles Lindbergh became the first pilot to successfully fly from New York to Paris non-stop, claiming a substantial cash prize and securing a place in history in the process. Now another world record holder, Chip Yates, has announced plans to take on the same aviation challenge … but this time the aircraft making the 3,600 mile non-stop flight will be all-electric. The ambitious project is still in its early stages but the Flight of the Century team has already developed a patent-pending battery deployment solution to replenish depleted batteries while the aircraft is in flight. . . Read Complete Report w/photos

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