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Three Arrested, One Shot In Reported Rogers County Sasquatch Hunt

bigfoot David Shealy Big Cypress

Featured Image: Photograph of an alleged Skunk Ape. Taken by David Shealy in Florida’s Big Cypress Swamp. SOURCE: The Shadowlands 

From News 9 ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma Posted: Nov 03, 2013 11:10 AM ESTUpdated: Nov 03, 2013 10:58 PM EST

Rogers County Sheriff’s Department arrested three people in what appears to be an accidental shooting. One of the men told deputies he’d shot his friend while the two were on a Sasquatch hunting expedition. . . .
Read Complete Report – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

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Historians at work: Beatles 3000

The Beatles CREDIT United Press International (UPI Telephoto) SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Library of congress - Public Domain

Featured Image: Photograph of The Beatles as they arrive in New York City in 1964 . United Press International (UPI Telephoto) SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Library of Congress note: “No copyright found; checked by staff December 2000.”)

As any of our regular insiders know the history the Controllers historians leave us with as fact is not always the way things REALLY were. Here is a great example of that.

 The year is 3000. The one government controlled television network is presenting a special report on the history of a musical group quite popular in the 20th century. Enjoy! . . . EDITOR 

From youtube uploaded by Zoltarkill

Uploaded on Nov 23, 2009

1000 years in the future, the legacy of John, Paul, Greg, and Scottie remains.

Even Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Has Higher Approval Ratings Than Obama

Obama crying

From News Max Friday, 22 Nov 2013 07:33 PM By Todd Beamon

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine, has been in “drunken stupors,” and was caught on camera in an expletive-laced rant. But he’s still having a better month than President Barack Obama.

Ford has the approval of 42 percent of 1,049 Toronto voters surveyed by Forum Research. The poll results, released on Friday, came as Ford saw most of his powers stripped by the city council in Canada’s largest city.

South of the border, Obama must wish he were doing that well. . . . Read Complete Report

Man buys house next to ex-wife, erects statue flicking her off

Middle_Finger (cropped) SOURCE Wikipedia Public Domain

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Nov 18, 2013

Divorces are often not amicable, nor cheap. But this divorce takes the descriptions “hostile” and “expensive” to extremes. The ex-husband, Alan Markovitz, is a strip-club owner in Detroit, Mich. who bought the home next to his ex-wife. And then he erected a giant statue in the shape of a hand with its middle finger extended, facing his ex-wife’s house. . . From description published with video.

Bill Hicks – JFK, the Humor in it All

Bill_Hicks_at_the_Laff_Stop_in_Austin,_Texas,_1991_(2)_cropped CREDIT derivative work RanZag SOURCE Wikipedia Commons public Domain

Submitted by ‘TAL’

Featured Image: Comedian Bill Hicks at the Laff Stop in Austin, Texas. CREDIT: Bill_Hicks_at_the_Laff_Stop_in_Austin,_Texas,_1991_(2).jpgAngela Davis (Angela D.) from Austin, TX, USA. Derivative workRanZag. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

From youtube uploaded by aiairea

Uploaded on Oct 18, 2007

Bill Hicks talking about JFK from Revelations

Man Sues Wife for Being Ugly, Wins

ugly_witch SOURCE Public Domain

Featured image: SOURCE: (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by The Young Turks

Published on Oct 30, 2012

“Divorces can get pretty ugly, especially when the reason is your looks.

California to force porn stars to wear goggles?

Snorkle Glasses SOURCE Public Domain

Featured Image: Snorkeling Goggles by Petr Kratochvil SOURCE:

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Nov 11, 2013

A new measure, Measure B, passed in Los Angeles, Calif. this past Election Day. The measure states that actors in the pornography industry must wear condoms while filming sex scenes. Now a draft regulations under consideration in the California Senate would require porn stars wear a new type of protection: goggles. . . From Description published with video.

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THEI Selected Short Subject: Worlds Dumbest Trucker


THEI Selected Short Subject

Featured Image: Truck. CREDIT:  Junior Libby SOURCE: Public

From youtube uploaded by godlovesrednecks on Sep 9, 2011

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Drive-in Memories: ” Battle Beneath The Earth [1967]” (+) Selected Short Subjects

Drive-in_Cinema-Bass Hill Sidney CREDIT J Bar SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

Featured Image: Bass Hill Drive-In Cinema, SydneyAustralia. CREDIT: J Bar SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons  Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)

Battle Beneath the Earth. SOURCE Amazoncom



Image:Battle Beneath the Earth Movie Poster (11 x 17 Inches – 28cm x 44cm) (1968) Style A -(Kerwin Mathews)(Peter Arne)(Viviane Ventura)(Robert Ayres) SOURCE:

From youtube uploaded by wanabee2w

Battle Beneath The Earth

Published on May 12, 2013 

A Chinese general goes berserk and has a system of tunnels dug all the way from China to USA, under the Pacific Ocean! Wherever there is an important military base, he places atomic bombs. US Navy soldiers go underground to repel the invaders.

From youtube uploaded by Sleaze-O-Rama May 27, 2012

Selected Short Subjects

From youtube uploaded by sakuraknight2000

Crack in the World Trailer

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2009

Dr. Steven Sorenson plans to tap the geothermal energy of the Earth’s interior by means of a thermonuclear device detonated deep within the Earth. Despite dire warnings by fellow scientist Ted Rampian, Dr. Sorenson proceeds with the experiment after secretly learning that he is terminally ill. This experiment causes a crack to form and grow within the Earth’s crust, which threatens to split the Earth in two if it is not stopped in time.

From youtube uploaded by BlackDahlia1947

Black Dahlia Newsreel

Uploaded on Aug 29, 2006

From the silent film era right up until the 1960s, newsreels would play before movies, offering audiences a glimpse of events happening around the world.
Take a trip into the past, with a newsreel that charts the dark history of Los Angeles, from the Chinese Massacre of 1871 to the infamous Black Dahlia murder

From youtube uploaded by Bel99TV

A Look at Future Cars – From the 1950′s – Car Safety Cartoon

Published on May 7, 2013

Your Safety First – A John Sutherland toon from the 1950′s shows news headlines about space travel and tax cuts while Dad contemplates buying a new car on Oct. 5, 2000. With a computerized home, a 4 hour work day, and cars that drive themselves! A comic history view of the auto industry’s “remarkable inventions” making cars better and safer. George O’Hanlon was the actor for this film, before he became George Jetson in The Jetsons

HOLLOWEEN Video Treats From THEI

large_goofy_smiley SOURCE Google images

We here at THEI hope you have a Happy Holloween and may all your candy be sugar free . . . EDITOR

Happy Hollowen





From youtube uploaded byDaniel Curtis

Ray Stevens - The Booger Man

Published on Jul 12, 2013

Here is two of my favorite things together, Ray Stevens and The Walking Dead! The Booger Man from his 1987 MCA Album “I Never Made A Record I Didn’t Like!”

From youtube uploaded by Pierre1989

Popa Chubby – She said that Evil was her name

Uploaded on Jun 25, 2006

Fantastic Popa Chubby live video of ‘She said Evil was her name’

From youtube uploaded by fingolfin897

Disney’s Monster Mash

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2007

**i won the contest for October with this video! yay!! (I really didnt’ expect this video to win crap, lol)**

I made this to enter into the Disney Song/Movie of the Month group contest. If you don’t know, that group has a contest every month with different themes to follow (they’re all disney, though, of course!). This months was a Dance theme, and I figured, why not a Halloween dance?

So yea, this video was made for 3 purposes. Not only to enter into that contest, but it was made as this years first Halloween video, and it also was to premier The Horned King, lol. Yes, I only used him once, but that’s all I needed!!! hehe

All clips belong to Disney.
The song is Monstr Mash by Bobby “Boris” Picket.
The ending song is A Gorey Demise by one of my favoritest bands ever, Creature Feature!!!

From youtube uploaded by Rikkyhardo

They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha Ha (with lyrics) ::: Halloween

Uploaded on Sep 21, 2008

They’re Coming To Take Me Away a hit novelty song by Napoleon XIV (aka Jerry Samuels) it reached no. 4 in the UK chart which fits just right for Halloween and Trick or Treat …
It caused a lot of controversy in the States due to the references to mental illness although in the UK owing to ignorance of American stuff (A.S.P.C.A etc) it was just seen as a funny record. Just wanted to do something for Halloween (which we barely new about 20 yrs ago) I guess its all due to marketing by celebration card companies andToy Manufacturers to make the consumer spend their money willy nilly just another import from the US of A.