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Wave of police brutality confronts nation

From youtube uploaded by RT America on Jan 8, 2014

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Poll: US seen as biggest threat to world peace

Featured Image: World Peace by Jenni. SOURCE: (Public Domain) From youtube uploaded by RT America· on Jan 2, 2014

US tosses 40% of food, blindly follows dumb expiration dates

Featured image: Landfill in Poland, 1999. CREDIT: Cezary p SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported2.5 Generic2.0 Generic and 1.0 Generic license.)

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Dec 27, 2013

A new report called, “The Dating Game: How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America,” describes our expiration-date labeling system here in the US as convoluted, confusing, inconsistent, ineffective, disorienting, ambiguous, and dizzying. It doesn’t think much of the system, in other words.The Resident (aka Lori Harfenist) discusses.

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September 2013 REPORT R:13-09-A

The Dating Game:
How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America

Shelf life CREDIT Edward Betts SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain

Image: Shelf life. This pack of diced pork says ‘display until’ 7 May and ‘use by’ 8 May. CREDIT: Edward Betts. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This work has been released into the public domain by its author, Edward. This applies worldwide.) 




Executive Summary

The waste of edible food by consumers, retailers, and manufacturers poses a
significant burden to the American food system. Wasted food costs consumers
and industry money; squanders important natural resources that are used to
grow, process, distribute, and store America’s food supply; and represents a missed opportunity to feed the millions of food insecure households in the United States that are struggling to access healthy, affordable food. Misinterpretation of the date labels on foods is a key factor leading to this waste. . . . Read Complete Report

LA County Sheriff Scandals

Featured Image: Patch of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), worn on the sleeves of LASD uniforms. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (This image is a work of a State of California employee, taken or made during the course of the person’s official duties, and is consequently in the public domain.)

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Dec 23, 2013

The scandals keep piling up for one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the US. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca had to admit that his department gave preferential treatment when hiring dozens deputies. Some of the deputies had troubling criminal histories. Then there are the 18 deputies facing federal charges for abuse in the jail system. RT’s Ramon Galindo explains the litany of problems LA County’s top cop is facing.

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Only 3 kids in city of 80K got college-ready SAT scores

From youtube uploaded by RT America

Published on Dec 22, 2013

Camden, NJ, is a great example of how America is failing students in poverty-stricken areas. Only 3 high school students got high enough grades to qualify as “college ready” according to the College Board. . . . From description published with video.

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Is this the end for the printed word?

Featured Image: a pile of old books. SOURCE: (Public Domain)

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Published on Dec 12, 2013

Out of Print: The dark side of the digital book revolution.

Mysteries and Scandals – Buddy Holly & the Day Rock n Roll Died

Featured Image: Buddy Holly publicity picture for Brunswick Records. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

From youtube uploaded by jblassio

Published on Aug 7, 2012

I also found this little gem in my old pile of DVD TV recordings. I love the uploads of this show and will add this one to my playlist. I read Buddy Holly’s Bio., there is a little mystery to his death; although it might sound a little exaggerated.

From youtube uploaded by King Todge

From youtube uploaded by bluesatsunset

Buddy Holly – Rare footage compilation.

From youtube uploaded by Chris Walker

Buddy Holly’s ’58 Impala

Uploaded on Aug 16, 2006

This was one of the last cars Buddy Holly owned. It has since been restored/rebuilt.

From youtube uploaded by bil56

Buddy Holly’s car restored


Sad news: Lloyd Pye

Submitted by Rick Osmon

I received word earlier tonight of the passing of Lloyd Pye.

I worked with Lloyd on several shows (Oopa Loopa Café), and he was always the gracious guest and dedicated researcher. His association with the “Starchild Skull” and his pursuit of its genetic makeup consumed his research for nearly a full decade.

Lloyd, we’ll miss you.

~~In Remembrance of a lifelong truth-seeker from THEI~~

From youtube uploaded by PochiApple

Lloyd Pye Starchild Skull

Starchild_skull CREDIT SOURCE Wikipedia (Fair Use)

Image: Starchild skull CREDIT: SOURCE : Wikipedia (Fair Use)



Published on Aug 25, 2012

Please visit and for more information. You can also visit his official channel at…


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Training police to deal with the mentally ill

From youtube uploaded by RT America on Dec 6, 2013

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‘Fast & Furious’ remember Paul Walker with heartfelt tribute video on YouTube

Featured Image:fast & Furious star Paul Walker was killed in a high-speed 1 car high-speed crash. CRDIT: Andre Luis SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.)

from youtube uploaded by Fast & Furious

A Tribute to Paul Walker

Bonus FREATURE Film:

 “Original movie “Fast and Furious” (1955) John Ireland & Dorothy Malone

fast_and_furious_1955_poster_01 SOURCE wrongsideoftheartcon on reddit