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“Monkees” Lead Singer Davy Jones Dead In Florida

From CBS Miami

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
I remember watching the antics and music of “The Monkees” like it was yesterday. Hell, I grew up listening to those guys (I’m 67)… Davy was only 66.  The older you get the more people you know who pass on… ain’t that the way.
Makes me hope I might get to hear him play again in the sweet by and by, ‘less the Devil gets me first… hum, wonder if old Davy went down to the crossroads… he had the talent.  Hope he ain’t having to bust his chops with ol’ Scratch! (Just funnin’ with you Davy).
He’ll REALLY be missed! . . . EDITOR


STUART, Fla. (CBSMiami) – Davy Jones, singer for the 60′s super-group The Monkees, died Wednesday morning at Martin Memorial Hospital in Martin County, Florida.

The Martin County Sheriff’s office said it received a call from someone asking them to come to an address on Fox Road in Indiantown, Florida, after Jones complained “that he was not well and having trouble breathing,” according to a statement by spokesperson Rhonda Irons.

“At this time there do not appear to be any suspicious circumstances surrounding the death,” Irons said. . . . Read Complete Article

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Davy Jones: Monkees star dead at 66

The way I want to  remember him:

Underground Rumblings in Sooke Vancouver Island Canada Sparks Mystery

Ah, how we love those persistent worldwide underground mysteries (that’s what we live for). . . . EDITOR

from CTV Vancouver Island

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VICTORIA – In the last 48 hours a number of people in Sooke have reported feeling powerful tremors that some believe are an earthquake.

“I heard what sounded like a freight train coming, that rumble, and it was very brief. My bed actually shifted,” one Sooke homeowner told CTV News.

Seismologists say there are no indications of an earthquake in the Sooke area and all calling the recent reports a mystery. . . . Read Complete Report

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Unsolved Mysteries: Billy the Kid, Brushy Bill Roberts one in the same? (2 videos)

The legend of Billy the Kid is one that every young boy learns at an early age. “He killed 21 men, one for every year of his age and was finally done in by his friend Pat Garrett.” But is that the truth. What about Bushy Bill Roberts claim that he was the true Billy the Kid. Did Pat Garrett, called “Big Casino” by his friend Billy the Kid who he called “Little Casino”?  Many think there is a conspiracy here perpetrated by the two friends. What do you think?. . . . EDITOR

from Unsolved Mysteries via youtube

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this video demonstrates the undeniable sameness between four ‘Billy the Kid’ photos and four pictures of William Henry ‘Brushy Bill’ Roberts.

Ancient cave speaks of Hades myth

Featured Illustration: (Hortus Deliciarum – 12th century Hell (Hölle) Artist: Herrad von Landsberg (about 1180) {{PD-Art}} Category:Hortus Deliciarum)

from USAToday

By Dan Vergano

Hades wasn’t the happiest place, the Department of Motor Vehicles of the ancient Greek afterlife.

There, in a gloomy underworld, departed heroes such as Achilles gathered mostly to grouse about their boredom, and await the verdict of the judges of the dead.

“I would rather be a paid servant in a poor man’s house and be above ground than king of kings among the dead,” said Achilles, the greatest of Greek heroes, commenting on the scenery, according to the ancient poem, The Odyssey. (Tough break for Achilles, but perhaps he was later cheered to learn that Brad Pitt played him in the 2004 filmTroy. )

MORE: Vergano columns

But for archaeologists, a Greek cave that has sparked comparisons to Hades looks more like heaven. Overlooking a quiet Greek bay, Alepotrypa Cave contains the remains of a Stone Age village, burials, a lake and an amphitheater-sized final chamber that saw blazing rituals take place more than 5,000 years ago. All of it was sealed from the world until modern times, and scholars are only now reporting what lies within.

“What you see there almost cannot be described,” says archaeologist Anastasia Papathanasiou of the Greek Ministry of Culture, . . . Read Complete report

The Coming World Government plus FREE BONUS E-BOOK: The New World Order (1940) by H. G. WELLS

from New Dawn Magazine

Adrian Salbuchi
New Dawn
February 13, 2012

Lucid and aware people observing world events unfold over the past decade or so – say, since September 11, 2001 – will have surely asked themselves what on Earth is going on here? We see ever-growing violence, war, outright lies, invasions, false flags, social upheavals, poverty, ruin and the death of millions… The world’s become a pretty dangerous and pitiful place to live in, and it only gets worse…

Which leads us to the obvious question: Why? Why is all this happening? Can we explain it away as Man’s wicked nature? Or his folly and ignorance? Perhaps just a series of bad mistakes and wrong turns on key issues?

Most everybody will have a ready reply, no doubt coloured by his or her own philosophical outlook. The more rational will say it’s just wrong decisions taken by normal people in an environment of growing complexity. Optimists will shrug their shoulders playing things down with the quaint statement that there’s always been war, persecution, poverty and corruption… Pessimists, as always, will complain that we’re all doomed, especially if they are “2012-repent-the-end-of-the-world-draws-nigh” types. What, then, should we think?

First, A Word About “Conspiracies…” . . . Read Complete Report

BONUS: FREE E-BOOK DOWNLOAD: The New World Order  (1940) by H.G.Wells



Ancient Brazilian Carving Believed to Be Among World’s Oldest

Bet this find has made the “experts” who try to make everyone believe that South America was a vast empty space void of human life (except for “a few savages”) until Europeans came nervous. The so-called “discovery” competently ignoring the fact that there was a larger population in the America than Europe when the first invaders arrived. . . EDITOR


A rock carving found in Brazil may be evidence that people settled in the Western Hemisphere earlier than once thought

February 22, 2012

Scientists in Brazil announced Tuesday they’ve discovered rock engravings that could be up to 12,000 years old, meaning people may have settled the Americas up to 4,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Researchers from the University of Sao Paulo say the anthropomorphic figure “could be the oldest figurative petroglyph ever found in the New World” and called it the “earliest indisputable testimony of rock art in the Americas.”

The figure was found in Brazil’s Lapa do Santo rock shelter, about 300 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. The researchers say the nearly foot-long figure was “pecked in the bedrock,” and the human-like figure has “tri-digits, a “C”-like head, and an oversized phallus.” . . . Read Complete Report w/ photos


EXCLUSIVE: The Solar Eclipse on May 20th passes over Magical Mount Shasta

THEI Exclusive Report
filed by West Coast Insider


BE THERE…May 20th at Magical Mount Shasta Join With Lightworkers from Around the World to Celebrate and View an Amazing Solar Eclipse!

The Annular Solar Eclipse will occur over Mount Shasta on May 20, 2012 at about 6:28 pm Pacific daylight time.

 (An annular eclipse means that the Moon and Sun are in perfect alignment, but the Sun is not totally blotted out because the Moon is a little too close to Earth to create a total solar eclipse.  So…It forms a dark hole in the middle (the Moon) and a Ring of Light around that.)

An eclipse of the sun will be over Mt Shasta!

Because of the strong geophysical forces within the mountain, there are steam vents, hot and cold springs, purification sites, electrical centers and caverns that have been used as power spots by the indigenous natives for hundreds of years. Many types of phenomena occur on and near Mount Shasta  It is believed that civilizations of highly evolved beings reside within the mountain. Some are believed to be in another dimension that are not currently visible.
Eclipses happen every year, but to be able to see one in person is rare.

Adding to this rarity is a conjunction of the Pleiades!

A Balance between East & West

The eclipse first begins just off the coast of China, right on the Tropic of Cancer. The tropic of Cancer, interestingly, is the exact midpoint between the Earth’s equator and the North Pole. The exact moment of greatest eclipse is literally on the International Date Line. The exact midpoint between East and West.



“A balance between East and West.” That is literally what we are seeing. And, as you track the path of the eclipse, it gets even more interesting. By the time it reaches the shores of the United States, where the eclipse ends, the Moon is positioned directly over a very significant spiritual center: Mount Shasta, California.

 This eclipse will bring balance. Balance between east and west. Balance between the North Pole and the equator. Balance between the masculine and feminine. Balance between the mind and the spirit. Balance between those who believe…and those who do not.  The eclipse of May 20 (the Moon’s shadow) there will most likely be a profound and easily detectable effects on all kinds of electrically charged instruments; including, I suspect, our Brains.

NOTE : Marcus Mason who is an astrologer has shared this…  Many major sites are involved in the hour centered around the maximum eclipse time.  The Aleutians will be at the pivot point, exactly midway between Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Shasta, which are the two locations where the Eclipse path crosses the Dragon energy and the planetary Plumed Serpent Line which goes on through Mexico, etc.

IMPORTANT: Because the sun won’t be fully covered you have to wear proper protection for your eyes even during the eclipse. You will also need a filter (ND filter or similar) for your camera to protect the sensor.

INFORMATION: Eclipse Glasses – Annular Solar Eclipse & Transit of Venus 2012
Safe solar viewing glasses you can buy here: (
single quantities $1.95) But, postage is $7.50 !

NOTE : Eclipse Shades filter out 100% of harmful ultra-violet light,

100% of harmful infrared light and 99.999% of intense visible light.

* BULK (25+ bulk quantities) $.85

More on Mt. Shasta? Go DEEPER

John Stossel’s Illegal Everything (42 minute video)

Anyone who complains about the slowly erosion  of our freedom’s by the Controllers and their Washington D.C. pals has been given the negative name, “Conspiracy Nuts”. (I’m a proud Conspiracy Nut myself)

Yet sometimes the truth slips out in the main stream media. Here is a report featured on the very biased Fox Network that seems to have slipped past the Controller censors. Either that or the award winning reporter, John Stossel is a closet Conspiracy Nut. At any rate this is first hand quality reporting on the direction out nation is taking. Great Report. . . . EDITOR

from youtube
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2012 Science or superstition (1 hr 18 min video)

from youtube

PUBLIC SERVICE POST: How to remove your Google Web Data History



Do you know if Google is tracking your Web activity? If you have a Google account (for, say, Gmail) and have not specifically located and paused the Web History setting, then the search giant is keeping track of your searches and the sites you visited. This data has been separated from other Google products, but on March 1 it will be shared across all of the Google products you use when Google’s new privacy policy goes into effect.

If you’d like to prevent Google from combining this potentially sensitive data with the information it has collected from your YouTube, Google+, and other Google accounts, you can remove your Web History and stop it from being recorded moving forward. . . Here’s how