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HAPPY St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

Thought this was a good time to add this recording of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre to our growing archives. What does it have to do with our publications subject matter? Nothing,  I just wanted to exercise my weird sense of humor.

As with all the videos we feature here at the Hollow Earth Insider it’s enjoyed best when viewed in full screen mode. . . EDITOR

Money, Banking & The Federal Reserve – (Easily Understood Video)

Getting rid of the interest charged us by the privately owned Federal Reserve Banking System and returning to a asset backed constitutionally currency with no interest must be the first step towards regaining control of our country’s finances. I have said for many years that any man who  ran with that as part of his campaign platform would get my vote.  This time around there is only one candidate  with the gonads to talk about that doing that . . .  Ron Paul.

Here is a plain talking investigative report that explains why I feel that way.  Please help me got the word out. Please, pass this page along to your family and friends who do not yet understand the importance of the move. And please send THEI links to your friends ever chance you get.  We must try to get the word out before it is too late… EDITOR


Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve from Mises Media on Vimeo.


Mask-Bot: A Robot With a Human Face

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 7, 2011) — Robotics researchers in Munich have joined forces with Japanese scientists to develop an ingenious technical solution that gives robots a human face. By using a projector to beam the 3D image of a face onto the back of a plastic mask, and a computer to control voice and facial expressions, the researchers have succeeded in creating Mask-bot, a startlingly human-like plastic head. Yet even before this technology is used to give robots of the future a human face, it may well soon be used to create avatars for participants in video conferences. . . . Read Complete Report