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UFOs: Government Keeps its Citizens in the Dark!

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Submitted by Paul Schroederon Tue, 03/20/2012 – 09:31

Isn’t Big Brother, Just Family?: Government Protects its Citizens, by Keeping Them in the Dark

by Paul Schroeder

Knowing full well that government disclosure of UFO/alien realities would cause complete religious and social societal disintegration, our government has thoughtfully and parentally organized covert agencies of disinformation to sustain the fabric of societal equilibrium, I herein list only a few: . . . Read complete report

First American UFO Sightings: 1639 – 1644

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March 17, 2012 by

Recently, I’d been hearing talk around the water cooler (not really) that UFO sightings really didn’t start occurring until the 1940′s and 1950′s.    Of course, we all know that the flying saucer craze did kick into high gear during those decades, but few realize that the UFO history of the United States goes back much further.

In 1639, Boston Founder and Governor John Winthrop made a peculiar entry in his journal.   Within, he describes how several “sober” and “discreet” men spotted an unusual object in the sky that shone as a great light.  The object was large and moved across the night sky that suddenly took on the shape of a pig.  The event lasted a few hours, and by the time it ended, the crew on board the ship who’d been witnessing the bizarre phenomena found that they’d been pushed back from their original destination quite a bit.  It seems others outside the sailors spotted the same object from the shore: . . . Read complete report

High Times: Earth’s Strongest Strains of marajuana – May 2012 (video)


Man, back in the first days of its existence  “High Times” magazine did for the look of marijuana what Playboy did for the female figure. And I guess to be truthful I’ll admit I’ve probably looked at multiple  issues of both mags. However, in my defense,  I will say I only  bought  both under-the-counter publications for the featured articles.. After all I am a researcher, and both publications are  excellent sources for research.

Here is a video presentation of photos of pot buds the High Times judges have named as the best of the “Strongest Strains” in the Universe coming out of the summer crop  of 2012.

The background music ain’t bad either. Enjoy, and remember to support High Times magazine as they have been supporting the movement for-ever. . . . EDITOR

from High Times Magazine

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After implementing our new Cannabis Cup scoring system in April 2011 – which utilizes lab testing as part of the equation – and after four trial runs in cities around the world including San Francisco, Denver and Amsterdam, we figured we figured we had a pretty good hold on exactly which strains are the most potent on the planet. In the May 2012 issue of HIGH TIMES Nico Escondido provides the list of the world’s strongest sativas, indicas and hybrids – HT certified and lab tested at more than 20% THC.

For the full list of the world’s strongest strains, pick up the May 2012 issue of HIGH TIMES – on newsstands now!

Mercury poles give up hints of water ice

from BBC

22 March 2012 Last updated at 01:09 ET

By Paul Rincon Science editor, BBC News website, The Woodlands, Texas

A Nasa spacecraft has found further tantalising evidence for the existence of water ice at Mercury’s poles.

Though surface temperatures can soar above 400C, some craters at Mercury’s poles are permanently in shadow, turning them into so-called cold traps.

Previous work has revealed patches near Mercury’s poles that strongly reflect radar – a characteristic of ice.

Now, the Messenger probe has shown that these “radar-bright” patches line up precisely with the shadowed craters.

Messenger is only the second spacecraft – after Mariner 10 in the 1970s – to have visited the innermost planet. Until Messenger arrived, large swathes of Mercury’s surface had never been mapped. . . . Read complete report