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History in Perspective: The Fall of the Mightiest Nation (w/ audio)

I think all of the talk about the imminent  loss of the U.S. fiat Federal Reserve Notes as the currency of the world is just more smoke, mirrors and scare tactics. Do I believe that the dollar will one day be worth about as much as reprinted Confederate money is today? You bet your sweet bippy I do!  It’s inevitable.   I just believe that our time in history hasn’t advance that far … yet.

History does repeat itself. I found the article below on the very informative Godfather Politics site, Glenn Beck, National Decline and the Story of the Roman Empire  by. He explains our present place in the timeline of the final decline and failure of our dollars. A must read!

However, before we get to that I though I’d move a great story from the DEEPER section of THEI to the front section.  It’s “The Fate of the Mightiest Nation” by Hudson & Landry, two great comedians and talk show hosts who were very popular in L.A. during the 1970s.  I think this recording from almost 40 years go is the perfect lead-in to Mr. Bower’s report of where we stand today when it comes to the Fate of the Mightiest Nation.  If you like it please pass the URL along to your friends. . . .EDITOR

The Fate of the Mightiest Nation by Hudson & Landry (audio starts in 4 seconds) … total time 5 min 14 secs.

from Godfathers Politics

Glenn Beck, National Decline and the Story of the Roman Empire

In my last installment in this series I argued that talk show host Glenn Beck was raising legitimate concerns about the state of the nation, but that he had a history of predictions of imminent disasters which did not pan out. Why didn’t they? After all, the left really does have a strong totalitarian bent. No nation is guaranteed eternal life, let alone eternal prosperity and hegemony. And the United States is, indeed, aggressively moving in the wrong direction.So why didn’t the dollar collapse? Why is it still the reserve currency of the world? Why don’t we have hyperinflation? Why did gold stall and then fall last summer? Was there a food shortage? Nope. Widespread urban violence? Nope. Depression, stock market collapse, bond market collapse? Nope, nope and nope. Why not?Because that’s not how it works. Great nations do not suddenly lose reserve currency status or hyperinflate or collapse economically—not unless they lose a war or are destroyed by natural disasters. The archetypal decline and fall story is that of Rome. It was the eternal city, supposedly, but nevertheless its gates came crashing down and its cities were trodden over by rude barbarian feet. And all of this happened just as the great classical philosophers had warned it would. . . Read Complete Report

2012 Something Is Going On! Approaching End Times? (video)

We’ve heard of these kind of  happenings and natural disasters from time to time over the years…. but all of the presented news reports have happened THIS year . . . and the year isn’t half over yet.  I’m telling you, The Under Folk are getting pissed at what we are doing to mother earth. And now she’s waking up to what’s been going on.   Lets watch this. Check the numbers at the end of the year and see how they add up to other years. And maybe get a little bit prepared.  . it could get interesting. . . . EDITOR

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Hard-to-believe Conspiracy: Bob Dylan’s stealing of James Damiano’s Music. Not Hard-to-believe: Media Cover-up

There are all kinds of Conspiracies and cover-ups going on in the secretive world around and below us. One of the worst we are facing is the lose of any free press. And we are trying to keep our readers here at THEI abreast of all the stories the Controllers media, for whatever reason, seems to ignore so often that it has become blatantly obvious.  Since I added this NEW Hollow Earth Insider alternative news section to our site we’ve reported on stories they just refuse to talk about.  Well, I found another. When over the last several years have you heard about THIS from our vigilant media? Me neither.

Actually the story it self has everything;  we start with the Rock Legend Bob Dylan, the undisputed leader of flower power and the hippie movement of the 60s-70s add in a literately unknown song writer from the same time-period with rock solid proof of his claims, add in plagiarism, a should-have-been-high-profile court case and a cast of music bigwigs, sprinkle in a handful of characters and this story should be way out front.  yet the story goes unmentioned by the main stream media. 

But it was Mr. Damiano’s evidence and his promise of revealing connections to the media blackout of the case involving conspiracy red-flag contenders the Federal Reserve Bank and Goldman Sacs.  Just my meat. I”l be following this closely.  …EDITOR

from James Damiano’s site

from youtube

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“No artist can lay claim to the controversy that has surrounded the career of songwriter James Damiano. Thirty two years ago James Damiano began an odyssey that led him into a legal maelstrom with Bob Dylan that, to this day, fascinates the greatest of intellectual minds. . .”

Updated: 6/13/2017

Bob Dylan’s Stealing of James Damiano’s Songs

YouTube ~ Ghostman 11111

Published on May 26, 2017

Bob Dylan’s Stealing of James Damiano’s Songs

And while on the subject of Bob Dylan. . . . UPDATE

Bob Dylan honored in Paris Exhibit, new CD collection come out

Bob Dylan will be on display for Paris to see in a photo exhibit, along with that Dylan is set to release a new CD collection this year.

March 07, 2012
Source: U.S. Information Agency via Wikimedia Commons
Caption: Bob Dylan & Joan Baez in Washington D.C.

Bob Dylan will be honored in a new photo exhibit, located in Paris, and will be releasing a new CD box later this year, according to the Christian Post. . . . Complete Report

And the world continues to turn . . . EDITOR


Canadian Press Tells Us What Really Happened in Cartagena – And It Wasn’t About Prostitutes and Secret Service

from the OB Rag (Ocean Beach California)

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International Press Inform that the Main Issues Were Cuba, Legalization of Drugs, and the U.S.’s Isolation from South America

by JEC / Special to the OB Rag / April 25, 2012

Would I sound naive – perhaps pedantic – to say American media is censored? I just had one those “moments” when information falls in your lap by chance. Like an overheard comment, the authenticity is powerful. As it happened I was in Cartagena, Columbia on Saturday, April 14th, in the midst of the “Summit of the Americas”. I was on the cruise ship “Rotterdam” just after passing through the Panama Canal.

The Summit of the Americas was ever present; helicopters in the air, speed boats cruising the harbor. The streets were nearly lined with police/troops most often holding automatic weapons. Reportedly over 90% of all police and security forces of the entire country where in Cartagena to protect the 33 heads of states. Two small bombs exploded the night before getting everyone in the proper mood.

But what do Americans know?

The Secret Service sex scandal and that’s about it. It was the lead story on the Nightly News Monday night (4/23/12). I’ve heard nothing but the 24/7 drum beat since I returned five days ago – sex, sex, sex – seems to serve as the filler for America media.

Am I surprised? No, disappointed yes because I know it goes beyond Fox News. It’s about how pervasive the censorship is across America’s media, including CNN, MSNBC and the New York Times. And this censorship is damaging us, all of us. We make lousy decisions based on faulty information, thanks to American mainstream media. And when it comes to Cuba, we are nearly psychotic.

O.k., so what happened? . . . Read complete report

Gigantic UFO Spotted Orbiting the Sun (Video)

from Gather News

April 24, 2012 08:20 PM EDT

An unusually shaped, gigantic UFO was spotted on the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) and posted in a video on YouTube.

The unidentified flying object, which bears no resemblance to anything ever spotted near the Sun, somehow manages to withstand the blazing heat thrown off by solar flare activity and the incredibly high temperatures emanating from nuclear fusion generated on the surface of the star. What is it?

The video shows what looks like a metallic, jointed spaceship with a gigantic extension, perhaps a boom arm, anchored off its lower end. An enlargement of the object makes the enormously large UFO look like a ship straight out of a Hollywood movie. . . . Read Complete article

Video from youtube