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*Buzzarro* In Japan, Buying Marijuana From A Vending Machine

I remember seeing beer dispensing machines on the docks of the Panama Canal and thought that was cool, but this ever beats that. I wonder if they have one of those rear-view mirrors stuck on the dispenser so you can watch for the cops slipping up behind you when you stick your money in and pull the leaver. I’ll pass. . . . EDITOR

from World Crunch

Tuesday 29 May 2012


YOKOHAMA – Japan is known for its vending machines: there is one on every street corner, selling anything from underwear and socks, to toys and green tea.  But here’s one you may (or may not) be jonesing for: a vending machine that sells marijuana.

Last week police in Kanagawa, near Yokohama, raided a general store for selling “herbs containing cannabis-like ingredients” reports the Japan Times. The shop’s owners weren’t dealing drugs from behind the counter, but instead took advantage of a legal loophole allowing them to install a vending machine — and pretend they don’t know what’s inside. . . . Read Complete Report

Victimless Crime Constitutes 86% of the Federal Prison Population

from Libertarian News

May 18, 2012


When we talk about the war on drugs, which is increasingly turning into a real war, we often overlook the fact that the “criminals” involved in the drug trade aren’t actually violating anyone’s rights.  When a drug dealer is hauled before a judge, there is no victim standing behind the prosecutor claiming damages.  Everyone participating in the drug trade does so voluntarily. However, there are a lot more crimes for which this is also true.  Millions upon millions of Americans have been thrown into cages without a victim ever claiming damages.  It is important to look at the burden this mass level of incarceration places upon our society.

In light of that, let us review some statistics which demonstrate just how destructive the mass incarceration of victimless criminals has become to our society. The 2009 federal prison population consisted of: , , , Read Complete Report

Conspiracy: Gulf of Tonkin & the Vietnam War (w/ videos)

From the Atlantean Conspiracy

Gulf of Tonkin & the Vietnam War

“In the summer of 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson needed a pretext to commit the American people to the already expanding covert war in South East Asia.

In November of 2001, the LBJ Presidential library and museum released tapes of phone conversations with the President and then Defense Secretary Robert McNamara where they openly discussed plans to use the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident as a pretext to expand the war.” -Alex Jones, “Terrorstorm” (12mins) . . . Read Complete Report

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President Johnson used an alleged attack by North Vietnamese gun boats on U.S. destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin to greatly escalate the American War in Vietnam, but the attack never happened. [07:18]



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Tokyo – Japanese Robot Invasion!! (Video Report)

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During the time John P. and Cali Lewis spent in Tokyo, they saw robots. Actually, that’s quite the understatement… they saw TONS of robots!

It Took Earth Ten Million Years to Recover from Greatest Mass Extinction

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (May 27, 2012) — It took some 10 million years for Earth to recover from the greatest mass extinction of all time, latest research has revealed.

Life was nearly wiped out 250 million years ago, with only 10 per cent of plants and animals surviving. It is currently much debated how life recovered from this cataclysm, whether quickly or slowly. . . . Read Complete Report