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DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes (Video Report)

Featured Image: Pipe Whistle. (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by NextNewsNetwork on May 2, 2013

60 Minutes: The Trouble with Treasure (video report)

Photo: Very fine, gem quality emerald crystal from Muzo Mine, Muzo, Vasquez-Yacopí Mining District, Boyacá Department, Colombia. CREDIT MM SOURCE Wikipedia Commons

The only lesson we come away from this story with is (1) be careful what you wish for, (2) and let the authorities find their own stash. . .  EDITOR

from CBS News.com

April 22, 2012 4:00 PM

An amateur diver says he’s discovered tens of thousands of raw emeralds at the bottom of the ocean — but it may be years before he can profit. Armen Keteyian reports. . . . Text posted with video

60 Minutes -Government Corruption

This short exerpt from a recent 60 Minutes segment is enough to make the blood boil. Read more