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Your Editor Going off Grid . . . Almost

As many of our fellow Insiders and regular readers have noticed I’m sure, I haven’t kept the information flowing as fast as you are use to.

I have been following the Controllers and their pals slowly take our country towards their so-called New World Order since I was in my late teens and I have been trying to educate others as to my findings for the past 20 some-odd years. I am now 70. It’s time to think of me and mine. It’s past time to get out from under their control, so we have decided to get as close to that day as possible. With that in mind. I’ve been spending a lot of time setting us up to get off grid as much as possible.

I will be away from any internet connections until I can rectify that, but do plan on coming back on-line as soon as I can.  In the mean time, our buddy Rick Osmon will post from time to time and if worst comes to worst you can always go through our extensive Archive locate in the right hand column.


Dennis Crenshaw EDITOR

Robots That Are Almost Human

Featured Image:  Photography of Asimo imported on the site Flickr.com by user ‘AZAdam‘. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons  Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Public Domain)

As we continue to add documentation to our research file, “Robots Replacing Humans. . . EDITOR

Discovery News OCT 24, 2013 09:30 AM ET // BY TALAL AL-KHATIB

When considering the word “robot,” the first image that comes to mind is often a cold, metal machine, often performing a single or limited set of functions. A robot may possess appendages that resemble human anatomy, like an arm or an eye, but those are purely functional.

Some engineers, however, are trying to perfect robots whose function is to be more like humans. . . . Read Complete Report with cool slide show.


Dig A LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive “Robots Replacing Humans”

Robotic Equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: Reconfigurable Robot a Step Toward Something That Can Become Almost Anything,

Photo: A four-segment milli-motein chain with a one-centimeter module size. (Credit: MIT Center for Bits and Atoms) SOURCE Science Daily.

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 30, 2012) — The device doesn’t look like much: a caterpillar-sized assembly of metal rings and strips resembling something you might find buried in a home-workshop drawer. But the technology behind it, and the long-range possibilities it represents, are quite remarkable.

The little device is called a milli-motein — a name melding its millimeter-sized components and a motorized design inspired by proteins, which naturally fold themselves into incredibly complex shapes. This minuscule robot may be a harbinger of future devices that could fold themselves up into almost any shape imaginable. . . . Read Complete Report