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Just when you thought you had it all! ~ Amazing Stories Vol 1 # 1 April 1, 1926 (PDF File)


















                                     No matter how many of us will admit it, if you are into the kind of stuff we here at THEI scour the internet to post, and if you came up in the ’50s you probably started your “adventure” reading with one of the many pulp magazines that were available. And more than likely that pulp was Amazing Stories.  From the start in April 1926 until well into the ’50s pulp magazines ruled.  Whether you remember the pulps or not I’m sure you’ll enjoy this Volume 1 Issue#1 from 64 years ago. How could you pass up writers like, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Edger Allen Poe and many more all in one magazine, and all for 25 cents!  And now 64 years later we get it for free! Neat. . . EDITOR

Get your own copy and Check it out, Volume 1 Number 1 AMAZING STORIES APRIL 1, 1926!