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[INSIDE] Tha Jackals Head W/ Jim Okon [06/01/2012]

James O’Kon

James O’Kon


Lost in the Rainforest, an Undiscovered Maya Structure Reveals New Evidence of Ancient Technology… The discovery by James O’Kon of the unknown suspension bridge at the ancient city of Yaxchilan in Mexico came as a shock to archeologists who had studied the site for decades.

In his new book, The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology, O’Kon recounts the thrilling realization of what he discovered and how he used modern methods to examine and prove the existence of the spectacular bridge, and other exciting revelations about previously unknown Mayan constructions.

With 40 years as an award-winning structure engineer and as the explorer of more than 50 remote Mayan sites, O’Kon makes for a fascinating interviewee.

THEI Welcomes Our New Columnist: Tha Jackal & “[Inside] Tha Jackal’s Head – Hard Copy”

It is my great pleasure to announce the addition of a new columnist to our Insider Group line-up. Our great friend and partner in the Soup Media Network, Angel Espino AKA Tha Jackal is bringing his own knowledge and way of seeing things to the pages of THEI with  his (UN-scheduled) “[Inside]Tha Jackal’s Head – Hard Copy.”. . . . EDITOR

Tha Jackal lives in Miami, Florida. He is a long time locally popular Rapper and Radio Host.  His popular radio show, [Inside] the Jackal’s Head” (what else) can heard Live every Friday 11pm estonly at www.psn-radio.com & www.sofloradio.com
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[Inside] the Jackal’s head is ” A Show about everything! From Music to movies to sports, and even the paranormal, and ufology. Come check out the voices inside my head! – Tha  JackaL.