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Is underground ‘anomaly’ a trove of Nazi treasure? Filmmaker believes he’s broken code

Featured Image: This annotated score of the composer Gottfried Federlein’s “March Impromptu” could hold the key to finding hidden Nazi treasure. CREDIT: Karl Hammer SOURCE:  World News on NBC.Com (Public Domain)

NBC News.com

By Andy Eckardt, NBC News Producer

MAINZ, Germany – An underground “anomaly” has been discovered in a German town after a filmmaker potentially cracked a code that he believes will lead him to a hidden Nazi treasure.

For decades, a myth has taken root over millions of dollars worth of diamonds and gold bullion, which is rumored to be buried somewhere in Bavaria. Nazi leaders supposedly brought the cache to the “Alpine Fortress” that Heinrich Himmler, head of Adolf Hitler’s dreaded “SS” protection squadron, hoped to erect in southern Germany. . . . Read Complete Report

NAZI Treasure Doc CREDIT Karl Hammer SOURCE www.detranenvandewolf.nl codebrekers uk_(Fair Use)


Image: Document with markings. Copyright notice: Karl Hammer has put these documents online for the general public to download them and start their own research. Karl Hammer agrees that these documents may be freely distributed and re-posted, also in news papers and other news media under the condition that he is referred to as the source of this material. SOURCE: Codebreakers.


Update on Baltic Sea Mystery Structure

Latest information on the unidentified sunken object in the Baltic Sea . . . EDITOR

Photo: Side scan sonar image of 197-foot-diameter unidentified
sunken object first discovered on June 19, 2011, 275 feet down
on the floor of the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. Side scan
sonar image © 2011 by Ocean Explorer X-Team, Sweden. SOURCE

from Earthfiles

© 2012 by Linda Moulton Howe


On June 1, 2012, the Explorer X team set off on its second investigation of a 197-foot-diameter (60 meters) unidentified structure that is 275 feet down on the floor of the Baltic Sea some 60 nautical miles from nearest land between Sweden and Finland. First discovered on June 19, 2011, on the last day of a treasure hunting expedition to find sunken wrecks, a second smaller anomaly was also found 600 feet away. A few more puzzling details were seen this time on BlueView and Multibeam sonar before the team decided it was safe to send two divers down for a closer look. Peter Lindberg now compares the larger object to a concrete structure with 90-degree lines, vertical surfaces and is sitting on a smaller structure so it “looks like a champagne cork.” . . . Read Complete Report w/photos and illustrations




UFO Over Antarctica (video)

If we published every UFO video or sighting that is brought to our attention we would end up being a UFO reporting service.  Which is fine but that’s not the only information we want to bringing to the attention of you and the rest of our fellow truth seekers & Insiders.  But a UFO report comes along that might bring something new to our attention we will post it.  For instance here is an intriguing report that has the extra added attraction to us who have been researching our strange earth and the hollow earth theory in particular. . . the report comes from Antarctica. A place, I feel, hides part of the answer to the secrets of the ages . . . EDITOR

from Examiner.com

UFO appears in photographs taken at Neumayer Station in Antarctica

Unexplained Phenomena Examiner
January 31, 2012
Photographs taken at Neumayer Station in Antarctica on January 31, 2012 show an anomaly in the sky that is being called a UFO. Time lapse images of the area show a dark gray object as it broke away from the clouds above Neumayer Station.
from youtube