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Animal Planet TV crew capture audio they believe proves existence of yowies

Photo: Wooden Yowie statue in Kilcoy, Queensland, Australia. Source (Public Domain)

from The Telegraph (AU)

By Geoff Shearer

The Courier-Mail

May 27, 2012 12:47AM

A US television crew has recorded what it believes is compelling audio evidence of the existence of yowies.

The four-member team from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot series were on an expedition through remote forests spanning the Queensland and NSW border when they made the recordings.

Bigfoot Field Research Organization member James “Bobo” Fay said that of the more than 20 expeditions conducted around the world by the TV team, this was “maybe the best one as far as audio recordings”.

While he was reluctant to give details ahead of presenting their evidence on the still-to-be-completed third season of the US show, Fay said that in two different locations they had activity that they had attributed to a yowie – the fabled ape-like creature of the Aussie bush.

 “We got some really compelling audio,” he said.

“It is not a known species, I can tell you that. One of the details (convinces us) there is nothing else it could have been.” . . . Read Complete Report