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Snowden awarded ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’

Feaatured Image: Pipe Whistle. (Public Domain)

youtube by euronews (in English) 

Published on Sept 24, 2014

Edward Snowden, wanted by the United States for leaking extensive secrets of its electronic surveillance programmes, has been awarded Sweden’s Right Livelihood Honorary Award often referred to as the “Alternative Nobel Prize”.

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Occupy “pepper-spray cop” awarded $38k settlement (Video Report)

Images: Thanx to David Dees

A clear case of mind over matter.  The Judge didn’t mind and the abused peaceful protesters didn’t matter. . . EDITOR












The bully cop in this David Dees photo is not the same asshole that’s in the video. Just from the same breed. . . EDITOR

From youtube uploaded by RT America on Oct 24, 2013