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Real Gun Control – The wild west’s Ten Most Wanted Outlaws (Full Documentary)

Photo: Jesse James. SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

Back in the early days of the United States western migration gun control was awarded to the man who could draw a gun the quickest, aim the best and shoot off the most bullets the fastest

Here is an entertaining and fast moving video that follows “the Hoot Owl” trail with pretty good historical fact and excellent visuals. . . . EDITOR

Billy_the_Kid_corrected SOURCE Wikipedia Public Domain

Photo: Billy the Kid. SOURCE. Wikipedia (Public Domain)





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Profiling 10 of The West’s most infamous outlaws.

And I MUST add the first comment to this video on youtube:

David Robertson 1 month ago

“these guys were smart, they stayed off the internet, did not use cell phones, and stayed away from places with security cameras. real smart!”

Unsolved Mysteries: Billy the Kid, Brushy Bill Roberts one in the same? (2 videos)

The legend of Billy the Kid is one that every young boy learns at an early age. “He killed 21 men, one for every year of his age and was finally done in by his friend Pat Garrett.” But is that the truth. What about Bushy Bill Roberts claim that he was the true Billy the Kid. Did Pat Garrett, called “Big Casino” by his friend Billy the Kid who he called “Little Casino”?  Many think there is a conspiracy here perpetrated by the two friends. What do you think?. . . . EDITOR

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this video demonstrates the undeniable sameness between four ‘Billy the Kid’ photos and four pictures of William Henry ‘Brushy Bill’ Roberts.