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Freedom of the Press? British government forces the Guardian to destroy Snowden files (Video Report)

Featured Image: U.K. Union Flag fluttering in the breeze. SOURCE: CLKER ( Public Domain).

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Published on Aug 20, 2013

The British government has given the Guardian newspaper an ultimatum: delete all data on Edward Snowden’s leaks or risk getting shut down.

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12 yr Girl Discovers ALL U.S. Presidents Except One Related to One British King (Video Report)

We have long realized that the Controllers have been running things for a long time.  This 12 year old has researched what may help us understand the true history of who really controls (and for how long)  the government of the united States. . . EDITOR

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Published on Jun 18, 2011

Paul Kroeger – The History of Psilocybin Containing Magic Mushrooms (Full Video)

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Published on Nov 8, 2012


Psilocybin-containing “Magic Mushrooms”
History and modern use;
from Central America to British Columbia

presentation by Paul Kroeger at the 2012 Vancouver Mushroom show by the Vancouver Mycological Society

Link to Paul Kroeger’s book:
The Outer Spores – Mushrooms Of Haida Gwaii