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Bruce Alan Walton’s 1985 Classic: “A Guide to the Inner Earth” (E-Book Edition)

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In the days before the internet my long time friend and THEI contributing Insider Bruce Alan Walton’s (AKA BRANTON) 1985 classic bibliography “A Guide to the Inner Earth” was a “must have” for anyone researching the inner realms.  In fact back when I started my delving into the “Worlds Below” I considered it to be my most important source book.

Today, 27 years later, I believe it is still the most important source book available for anyone seriously studying the subject. Here is the link to a FREE e-book version of the most important resource of Inner Earth information ever compiled. Thanks Bruce for compiling it and making it available FREE to those who are interested. . . . EDITOR

                     A Guide to the Inner Earth (1985) Bruce A Walton: A bibliography

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