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America Has Controlled Media – Proof In Video!

Featured Image: On Air sign. SOURCE: clker.com (Public-Domain).

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America Has Controlled Media – Proof In Video!

Published on Dec 11, 2014

Corporation Controlled Media

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6 Corporations That Control Your Perception

Published on Jun 6, 2013

Abby Martin goes over the 6 corporations that control nearly everything in the mainstream media, and discusses a few of the most famous cases of media censorship with BTS producer, Manuel Rapalo.

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER ~ THEI Archive ” Freedom of the Press”  “Monsanto”


Schools are prisons (All parents should watch this)

featured Image: Thanx to David Dees.

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Uploaded on Jan 8, 2012

The deliberate dumbing down of america

“Education”                  “Mind Control” 

Jesse Ventura exposes the Banker controlled U.S Government on Piers Morgan show ! (Video Report)

Featured Image: Jesse Ventura. SOURCE: Google (Public-Domain).

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Published on Jun 18, 2012

Click here to see Politician NASCAR uniform : http://nycresistance.blogspot.com/201…

Military-Style Controlled Remote Viewing Team Confirms Billy Meiers Energy Weapon is Real

from Before its News

AUSTIN, Texas, January 3, 2013 — TRANSCEPTION INCORPORATED, the Technology Transfer company that employs military-grade Controlled Remote Viewers to transfer technology from the state of nature, has begun posting videos of its CRVers describing a supposed energy weapon held by an extra-terrestrial by the name of “Alena” from the planet Sater in the constellation Lyra, as originally photographed in July of 1977 at Bachtelhornli, Switzerland, during her visit with the legendary Eduard “Billy” Meier.

To view the actual Controlled Remote Viewing session, visit www.txception.com and click on the corresponding large  “slider” that shows the energy weapon captured in the center of the image.  For direct access to the video, . . . . click on this link:

.http://vimeo.com/txception/review/56633397/c28edf381e  . . . Read Complete Report

THEI Selected Short Subject: Mind Controlled Robot

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Published on Nov 12, 2012

Mind controlled android robot – Researchers at the CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory and the CNRS-LIRMM Interactive Digital Human group, working towards robotic re-embodiment