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Sad news: Lloyd Pye

Submitted by Rick Osmon

I received word earlier tonight of the passing of Lloyd Pye.

I worked with Lloyd on several shows (Oopa Loopa Café), and he was always the gracious guest and dedicated researcher. His association with the “Starchild Skull” and his pursuit of its genetic makeup consumed his research for nearly a full decade.

Lloyd, we’ll miss you.

~~In Remembrance of a lifelong truth-seeker from THEI~~

From youtube uploaded by PochiApple

Lloyd Pye Starchild Skull

Starchild_skull CREDIT AlienVideo.net SOURCE Wikipedia (Fair Use)

Image: Starchild skull CREDIT:  AlienVideo.net SOURCE : Wikipedia (Fair Use)



Published on Aug 25, 2012

Please visit http://www.starchildproject.com/ andhttp://www.lloydpye.com/ for more information. You can also visit his official channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/officiall…


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Retro: Mystery of the Crystal Skulls (Full Video)

from the SCI-FI Channel via Youtube

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One of archaeology’s most compelling mysteries is that of the 13 crystal skulls. The crystal skulls have been some of the most powerful mystical symbols in human history. Several “perfect” crystal skulls have been found in parts of Mexico and Central and South America. Together, they form a mystery as enigmatic as the Great Pyramids and Stonehenge.