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Why Should I “Waste my vote on a third party candidate?”

ATTENTION! Libertarian Party Members, Independent’s and anyone who does not feel comfortable voting “for the lesser of 2 evils.” This is a chance for you to turn your vote into the most important vote you have ever made. 

You have a chance in this election to make your “waste of a vote”  really count!  If Libertarian Gary Johnson gets just 5% of the national vote for President it will END the 2 Party system.  

The Libertarian Party will be a recognized third party and the Libertarian Presidential Candidate in 2016 will be able to debate both of the Controllers wanna-be-puppets in the mainstream debates.   And that’s the one thing the Controllers and the main stream press does not want us to have; a Challenge to their one party acting as a two party system!

Vote your conscious! Vote for Liberty!   Vote for Gary Johnson and make the Libertaran Party a NEW choice from now on. Thank you. . . . EDITOR

Take the quiz.  Find out where YOU Really stand!


World’s smallest Political Quiz




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Two-Party system ignores the poor

Published on Nov 5, 2012

Monday is Election Day eve and according to reports this election has hit record numbers when it comes to money spent. At the same time, the number of people living in poverty has reached new heights. Ramon Galindo has the story.


7/27/2012:  My Wasted Vote by Dennis Crenshaw – Editor

Third-party candidates’ debate takes the spotlight (Video Report)

THEI will be following the third-party debates very closely. hopefully we will be able to feature them live and, of course, put them in the archive for future reference.  hope the MSM shows up. Probably not. They will be too busy trying to scoop each other on the nex outfit one of the wanna-be next first ladies will be sporting at the next $35,000 dollar-a-plate fundraser. . . EDITOR

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Published on Oct 15, 2012


The 2012 presidential election is just 22 days away and many Americans have been inundated with campaign trail information from both candidates, but what about all the other presidential candidates? On Tuesday night, Mitt Romney and President Obama will go head-to-head once again, but a third party candidate debate is getting some much needed attention. Christina Tobin, founder of Free and Equal, joins us to discuss why she organized a debate for third party candidates and how the two party system is hurting America. . . . Text posted with video at youtube


Photo: Limestone Technologies Inc. Polygraph Professional Suite. Computerized polygraph system. CREDIT: David Bethune SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons 

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Published: 18 hours ago

‘If they believe what they are saying is true, it is not picked up’

A company that announced it would run a lie detector test during the 2012 president debate in Denver Wednesday night says the results are inconclusive – but that doesn’t mean either candidate wasn’t lying.

It just means they believe what they were saying, according to officials with Get Liberty.org. . . . Read Complete Report

(1) or it could be – it shows how stupid and out of touch both wanna-be Controllers head puppets really are.

(2) And – it is common knowledge in law circles that a  Compulsive Liar can beat any lie detection devices.

Either reason for an ‘inconclusive’ reading  from someone debating for a job as our higest offical is scary. . . EDITOR

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How to Catch a Liar (Assuming We Want To)

Published on Oct 1, 2012 by