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BREAKING: Democrats Call On Government Shutdown To Block Border Wall

BREAKING: Democrats Call On Government Shutdown To Block Border Wall

Anonymous EXPOSED  Published on Aug 11, 2017

Dig a Little DEEPER: The Wall

Democrats Threaten Sheriffs with Extortion over Gun Control Laws

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Colorado lawmakers are pushing through gun control legislation that will limit the freedoms of all the people living in the state. This will affect the ability of the law-abiding people of Colorado to defend themselves from people who have no regard for the law.

Reports are that sheriffs who oppose the new legislation are being threatened: If you don’t obey the law you won’t get paid. . . . Read Complete report

Reality Check:1 on 1 With President Obama, How Does He Justify A Kill List? (Video Report)

I can hear all of those fools in the Right Hand Party of the Controllers making sounds of horror as inside proof of Obama’s Kill List comes forward.  Of course they will say nothing of THEIR former puppets having Kill List’s also. Hey, Republican’s and Democrats. . . wise up, same bosses same agenda. . . including killing people. . . EDITOR

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Ben Swann Reality Check talks one on one with President Obama and asks about the so called Presidential Kill List


Photo of book cover from Votescam: The Stealing of America by James M. and Kenneth F Collier

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By: Devvy
May 5, 2012

I have been writing about vote fraud since 1993. Few Americans became interested in the cold reality that since the mid-1960s our elections have been rigged until the 2000 presidential election and the farce known as ‘hanging chads’. As regular readers of my columns know I belong to no party; I left the Republican Party in 1996 over vote fraud and the putrid world of dirty politics where the truth didn’t matter. It still doesn’t to party hacks whose only goal is to climb the political ladder of power.

The Florida recount energized Democrats; the howling was heard from coast to coast. Laughable when you consider the Democratic Party machine is more famous for vote fraud than Republicans. Both sides engage in it and that’s a fact.. . . Read Complete Report