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Carrier IQ – the Controllers are Eyeballin’ . . . YOU, YOU, YOU!! (and me to).

Giving, getting, or hoping to find a new digital communications device under your Christmas tree at the end of the month? Please do yourself a favor and watch this video and do more research on this subject before spending any money.  If this information bothers you don’t buy..  – EDITOR

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In all fairness here is Carrier Official Disclaimer, “Media Alert” as posted on their homepage. I’m sure the designers of the application are true blue Americans and are being careful with the information they receive, but, and it’s a big but… what happens if “for our own good” the internet comes under the control of Homeland Security, or as globalist have been pushing for … a takeover of the control of the internet by the United Nations or some other nefarious group the Controllers want in charge.   And what about hackers? . . . EDITOR