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Update: Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

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Fukushima Nuclear update for the last couple days. 12/1/13

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December 14 2013 Breaking News Fukushima worldwide Nuclear Crisis not contained Last Days News

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Dr Helen Caldicott – Fukushima Nuclear Disaster- You won’t hear this on the Main Stream News.

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Nuclear Facts you’d be more comfortable not knowing from a very clued up professional who will not be bought or intimidated into silence: Dr Helen Caldicott, true to style, tells it as it is/as she sees it/like you wont usually hear it.
To find out more about this Morally Driven Woman.. check out the links below.

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The ‘TAL’ Zone Report #5: The Coming Fukushima Global Disaster


Weekly Underground Report #5

It looks as though the Controllers are using their smoke and mirrors at max speed right now as they continue to cover-up the worldwide major nuclear  disaster that is almost upon us. The MSM is doing their best not to talk about it. Maybe because it fits right in with the elitists “Agenda 21” and the planned depopulation goals.

In this weeks report ‘TAL’ takes us through the information on Fukushima The Coming Global Disaster. . . . EDITOR

The ‘TAL’ Zone

Compiled from the underground Research of ‘TAL”




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 Diagram (approximate) of the Fukushima I Nuclear Power plant accidents.

Fukushima_I_nuclear_accidents_diagram. CREDIT Sodacan SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public Domain Labels:

  • 1) Unit 1: Explosion, roof blown off (12 March)
  • 2) Unit 2: Explosion (15 March), Contaminated water in underground trench, possible leak from suppression chamber
  • 3) Unit 3: Explosion, most of concrete building destroyed (14 March), Possible plutonium leak
  • 4) Unit 4: Fire (15 March), Water level in spent fuel pools partly restored
  • 5) Multiple trenches: probable source of contaminated water, partly underground, leaked stopped (6 April). CREDIT: Sodacan Own work; based on: Asahi Shimbun NewspaperBBC News Website, and Diagram from Flickr. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons  Attribution 3.0 Unported license.)                                

Radiation_hotspot_in_Kashiwa_02 CREDIT Abasaa SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public DomainImage: Radiation hotspot in Kashiwa. CREDIT: English: Abasaa 日本語: あばさー SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public domain)






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China Syndrome?

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What Goes Around Comes Around

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Scientist Warns of Fukushima U.S. Evacuation

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28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima

Michael Snyder reported in The Truth October 21st, 2013:

US Radiation Map SOURCE www.netc.com  Fair  Use

“The map above comes from the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center.  It shows that radiation levels at radiation monitoring stations all over the country are elevated.  As you will notice, this is particularly true along the west coast of the United States.  Every single day, 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima enters the Pacific Ocean.  That means that the total amouont of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in our food chain.  Ultimately, all of this nuclear radiation will outlive all of us by a very wide margin.  They are saying that it could take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster, and meanwhile countless innocent people will develop cancer and other health problems as a result of exposure to high levels of nuclear radiation.  We are talking about a nuclear disaster that is absolutely unprecedented, and it is constantly getting worse.  The following are 28 signs that the west coast of North America is being absolutely fried with nuclear radiation from Fukushima…” . . . Continue

☢ Fukushima fallout should the West Coast be concerned ☢ UPDATE  Nov 14, 2013

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More to Come . . . You are leaving the ‘TAL’ Zone. 


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Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said it feared the disaster was ‘in some respects’ beyond Tepco’s ability to cope. (Video Report)

Featured Image: Radiation hotspot in Kashiwa Japan. 18 February 2012. CREDIT: English: Abasaa 日本語: あばさーSOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (Public Domain).

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Published on Aug 26, 2013

Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority said last week it feared the disaster was “in some respects” beyond Tepco’s ability to cope.

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Obama Requests 15,000 Russian Troops For “Upcoming” Disaster (Video Report)

Featured Image: Cropped version of File:Valery Gerasimov (2012-11-09).jpeg, new Russian Chief of Defense Staff Valery Gerasimov, November 2012. CREDIT: Kremlin.ru SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons.  This file is licenced under the Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Unported Licence (Public Domain).

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Bilderberg Protests Set For Potential Disaster (Video-Audio Report)

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Bilderberg Protests Set For Potential Disaster

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Bilderberg Caught Committing Dirty Tricks Against Press

Published on Jun 1, 2013

Its time for the world to unite against The Bilderberg Group and expose its intimidation of the press and their attack on free society.

Published on Jun 1, 2013

Its time for the world to unite against The Bilderberg Group and expose its intimidation of the press and their attack on free society.

Evacuate Earth National Geographic Documentary (Full)

“A MUST SEE!” Could this beautifully made documentary be a blueprint for the ultimate ‘disaster’ that will help to join the world together.  The reason: a united undetaking against [a staged] ‘end of the world’ scenario?  This National Geographic special could very well be the media propaganda start of what con men call “setting up the mark.” . . . EDITOR

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Published on Feb 15, 2013

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