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ANCIENT COMPUTER – Ancient Discoveries (full documentary) HD

Featured Image: The watermill, the earliest machine harnessing natural forces (apart from the sail) and as such holding a special place in the history of technology,[1] was invented by Greek engineers somewhere between the 3rd and 1st centuries BC.[2][3][4][1] Here a Roman gristmill as described by Vitruvius. CREDIT: Xvazquez SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain).

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Published on May  8, 2013

ancient computer – ancient discoveries (full documentary episode).  thanks for watching.

Retro: Mysterious and Strange Archaeology Discoveries That Science Cannot Explain (w/video)


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September 27, 2010

Looking for some mysterious and Strange archaeology discoveries that Science cannot explain yet?….This is a collection of twelve items or locations that have been discovered through archaeology that either do not fit our understanding of history or do not fit into the proper time frame. Another common name for the research into these mysterious items is “forbidden archaeology.”

This article discusses 12 mysterious and strange discoveries made in archaeology over the past two centuries that science cannot explain (at least not yet) and could turn our whole concept of history upside down.  These items and locations are so mind blowing that most scientists and historians even refuse to speculate on what they could mean and most choose to simply ignore them altogether or dismiss them as hoaxes without doing the proper research on them.  What makes the situation even worse with these items is that anyone who does try and research them are often shunned by the academic community and when any non-traditional theories are made (that don’t fit the standard historical record), they are quickly dismissed as “pseudo-science.” . . . Read Complete Report

Some of this video presents an apposing “history” of civilization than my personal beliefs. But Even if we are not into man made religions at all, we should listen to, and study, all theories.

 While you might not agree with any conclusions that we present here on THEI, facts is facts . . .and there ain’t no denying that  even by an old agnostic such as I. . . EDITOR  

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Jonathan Gray – Surprising Discoveries

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Jonathan Gray – Surprising Discoveries. A video dealing with suprising archaeological discoveries such as an ancient emchanical computer and the Bagdad battery.

Texas A&M Marine Experts Take Discoveries To New Underwater Heights

Photo: Iliffe has discovered several types of Remipedia. Remipedia are also hermaphrodites — they contain both male and female reproductive organs in the same individual. SOURCE

from Texas A & M

Posted 7/7/2012

Ford had his auto, Winchester his rifle, Boeing loved his jets. Tom Iliffe will gladly settle for his cave crustaceans.

For a scientific researcher, discovering any type of new species is a big thrill, and an even bigger one if the new creature is named after you. Texas A&M University, one of a few select schools that carries the rare designation of being a land grant, sea grant and space grant institution, has several researchers who have identified new marine species and thus contributed greatly to advancing our knowledge of the biodiversity of ocean life.

Iliffe, a marine biology professor at Texas A&M-Galveston, is known internationally as one of the world’s foremost cave divers, and he is an expert on “blue holes,” caves so named because from an aerial view, they appear as a blue circle dotting the ocean. The Bahamas are ground zero for blue holes, and there are believed to be more than 1,000 of them in the area . . . Read Complete Report