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The Right To Travel: No Driver’s License – No Car Licence Plate for Travelers

The Right to Travel: No Driver License Required In The U.S!

YouTube ~ Mike Fulmer

Building without a permit, driving without a license: The Tom Hyland Lifestyle

YouTube  ~ AdamKokesh

Published on Apr 20, 2015

Adam sits down with Tom Hyland to get his incredible story of asserting his freedom of movement (driving without a license or registration) in a house that he built himself without a permit

The Tom Hyland Story
One Citizen’s Quest to Travel Free and Claim and Exercise Constitutional Rights and Now, Alert His Fellow Citizens into Awareness

Dear Patriot,

Tom Hyland is a citizen of Santa Fe, New Mexico who is fed up with the unconstitutional machinery of government system operative in his state, and in ALL others, by whom government, fraudulently, and deceptively, coerces, under threat, Sovereign American Citizens, against their will, into participating with the state Motor Vehicle Division which regulates “driving”, “driver’s licenses”, plates and insurance. Rights guaranteed in the Constitutions may not be controlled, legislated, manipulated, limited, restricted, denied or taxed, in any way. However, in this country, if the Citizens do not know, claim, demand and enforce their Rights, then they have none. Tom knows this and has been the “beligerant claimant in person”.
Every American Citizen has the Right of free and unrestricted travel in this Nation. According to laws well established he is free to travel in his own private motor conveyance, upon the public roads. When Citizens are unaware of their Rights and allow those Rights to be converted into “privileges”, which then are controlled, manipulated and taxed, those Citizens willingly surrender their Rights and, . . . Read Complete Report

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