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Redux: Man-eating giants discovered

Photo: Lovelock Cave Giant Jaw Compared to a Normal Human Jaw. SOURCE Human Giants

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Sunday, December 19, 2010 0:03

The Paiutes, a Native-American tribe indigenous to parts of Nevada, Utah and Arizona, told early white settlers about their ancestors’ battles with a ferocious race of white, red-haired giants. According to the Paiutes, the giants were already living in the area.

Roaming, man-eating giants

The Paiutes named the giants Si-Te-Cah that literally means “tule-eaters.” The tule is a fibrous water plantthe giants wove into rafts to escape the Paiutes continuous attacks. They used the rafts to navigate across what remained of Lake Lahontan.

According to the Paiutes, the red-haired giants stood as tall as 12-feet and were a vicious, unapproachable people that killed and ate captured Paiutes as food. . . . Read Complete Report

Are you watching what you eat? Be assured THEY are! (video report)

At the very beginning of the video report Brian Williams asks the major question. How are they “seeing” what we eat in our own homes?  This is scary . . . EDITOR

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New app tracks eating habits
An iPhone app called Eatery provides a unique way to watch what you eat: snap a picture of the food, and over time the app will offer suggestions on how to make dietary changes. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

How does it work? Check it out for yourself at Massive Health