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Caves of the World #4: HELLFIRE CAVES: THE EROTIC INNER TEMPLE Buckinghamshire, Southeast England.(w/Video)

Photo: The Hellfire Club met at The Hell-Fire Caves. West Wycombe, (Entrance pictured), CREDIT  Mariegriffiths  SOURCE Wikipedia.

from Aquiziam

(It’s worth looking very closely at the picture (below) There has been much speculation about the layout and the design of the Hellfire Caves. This has been complicated by the fact that the names of the chambers have been changed at least several times.  For example, the alcove nearest to the entrance has been called, the tool store, the steward’s cave and the Intersect of Ra.  Paul Whitehead’s Cave was once known as the Robing Room (circa 1958).  The Miner’s cave was once called the Buttery and the area of caves and pillars near what is called Franklin’s Cave was once just called the Catacombs. . . . Read Complete Report w/photos

Map of the Hellfire Caves with female reproductive system showing the perfect match of the Ovary, Womb, Pubis, Shaft and Testicles. Just a coincidence?











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Ghost Adventures – S06E08 – Hellfire Caves

Published on Jul 21, 2012

Ghost Adventures Season 6 Episode 8 Hellfire Caves

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England: Everybody must get stoned

from The New Zealand Herald

By Graham Reid

 12:00 PM Wednesday Nov 7, 2012
Graham Reid visits a place of worship and wonder on windswept Salisbury Plain.

A couple of years ago when English Heritage was again getting fretful over the increasing number of tourists arriving at Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, a wag wrote a pithy one-liner to a major daily.

If whoever erected those monolithic stones was so smart, he asked, why did they build it near a motorway?

Certainly if you wander around the site in Wiltshire of this mysterious and imposing prehistoric monument to whatever, the drone and hiss of cars is audible. The A303 and A344 run near the stone circles, and on any given day the carpark disgorges busloads of visitors. . . . Read Complete Report