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Vampire: Man Kills And Eats Flesh Of 3-Year Old Daughter

Featured Image: From the Golden Days of the pulp magazine a special Vampire issue of “Weird Tales” SOURCE: fantasyartworkshop.com (Public-Domain)

This is one of those stories that might make some people believe your editor is becoming a sick puppy (NOTE:  faint of heart. . . don’t look at the 2nd photo in the link) . I assure you it ain’t so. Well, maybe, a little.

There are those of our readers who might be researching vampires and we wouldn’t want to upset them by passing this story by, now, would we? As for the validity of the report, well… research, research, research. . . EDITOR 

From Whisper Naija Posted by: Opemipo Adeniyi in Crime 6 days ago

A Papua New Guinea man described as a vampire has been arrested after allegedly murdering his young daughter by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood, a report says. The grisly incident occurred on Wednesday at a settlement near Lae. According to Papua New Guinea’s post courier, the local councilor John Kenny, who was one of the first on the scene, said the three-year-old child and her mother were visiting the father when he grabbed the girl and ran off into a nearby bush. Kenny said the man allegedly held the toddler close to him, bit deep into her neck, ate the flesh and sucked her blood. . . . Read Complete Report


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Cannibal mates devoured my husband’s flesh (+) Villagers apologize for eating missionary

Featured Image: Olga Kurochkina, widow of victim Andrei Kurochkina, claims authorities in Russia are covering up a case of alleged murder and cannibalism after only a few remains of her husband have been retrieved and the accused men are walking free. SOURCE: Siberian Times. (Fair Use).

From News.com.au  (Australia)  Daily Mail August 17, 2013 4:31PM

THE wife of a Russian fisherman who went missing during a trip to Siberia has revealed she has proof that he was murdered and eaten by his friends.

Andrei Kurochkin’s bones were found in the Siberian forest, allegedly gnawed through, and according to Kurochkin’s widow, Olga Kurochkin, the post mortem reveals what she has believed to be true all along

Two fisherman have been accused of carrying her husband’s corpse for a fortnight through remote snow-bound forests feeding themselves from his flesh until there was nothing left after their mode of transport was destroyed. . . . Read Complete Report


From That’s Weird

Fijian_mountain_warrior,_Kai_Colo CREDIT F.H.  Duffy, Levuka, Fiji. SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public DomainVillagers apologize for eating missionary

After eating an English missionary in 1867, contrite villagers in Fiji are now eating humble pie and want to say sorry.

Rev Thomas Baker, from Playden, East Sussex, was cooked and eaten by the people of the remote mountain village of Navatusila.

They only thing left of Mr Baker, a clergyman with the Wesleyan Methodist Church, were his leather boots – and they even attempted to chew them. . . . Read Complete Report

Photo: Fijian mountain warrior, Kai Colo. Carte de visite photograph, 1870’s. The subject holds a rootstock club and wears a boar’s tusk necklace. CREDIT: : F.H. Dufty, Levuka, Fiji SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain).