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The Donald Trump/George Soros Connection: Jared Kushner

George Soros

Lawsuit Accuses George Soros Of Running Shadow Government

Billionaire globalist George Soros is fighting a lawsuit in which he is accused of manipulating world governments and running a secret shadow government behind the scenes. 

According to lawsuit issued by Beny Steinmetz, Soros is being charged with engaging in a global conspiracy to manipulate governments and bribe them to do whatever the New World Order wants them to do.

Valuewalk.com reports:

The feud with Israeli mining magnate Beny Steinmetz dates back to 1998 and involves charges of manipulation and bribery. . . Read Complete Report


George Soros Court Document

Glenn Beck: George Soros, Puppet Master

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George Soros – Admits he is the “Puppet Master”

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Donald Trump & His Son-in-law Jared Kushner 

This man is Trump’s secret weapon

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