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America Is Not Broke! We Are Being Lied To!

From Dave Hodges: The Common Sense Show

by Dave Hodges

February 6, 2013

Contrary to what the power brokers would have you believe in order that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life that people live in a third world country, the globalists want you to believe that you are broke and there is nothing you can do about it.

America is not broke, not even close. The United States of America is awash in wealth, cash, proprietary assets and an unimaginable amount of mineral wealth. What belongs to the people has been transferred, in the greatest theft in world history, from the workers and consumers to the banks and the portfolios of the criminal elite gangsters which control the politicians with insider-trading and outright bribes. . . . Read Complete Report

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Obama Update: New Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic (Except mind-controlled sheeple) (Video Report)

from youtube uploaded by BirtherReportDotCom

Published on Jan 27, 2013

Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Lead Investigator Mike Zullo; Newly Found Evidence Will Convince Greatest Skeptic Document Is 100% Forgery; Evidence Is Beyond A Reasonable Doubt –http://www.BirtherReport.com – Aired 1/25/2013 –