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National Cannabis Holiday Evaluation & Future for Marijuana Users (Video Report) (+) Should Grandma Smoke Pot? (Full Documentary)

Featured Image: U.S. Government Medical Marijuana crop. University of Mississippi.SOURCE: Public-Domain.

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National Cannabis Holiday Evaluation & Future for Marijuana Users

Published on Apr 25, 2013


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Should Grandma Smoke Pot? (Full Documentary) 

Published on Sept 2, 2012

One critic called this genius! The shocking made for TV expose about teaching seniors the benefits of medical marijuana.

UPDATE: LIVE! From Denver Colorado! Celebrate 4-20: Cannabis Worldwide Holiday! (Includes the original “Reefer Madness” in COLOR!)

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Published on Apr 19, 2013

To celebrate 4-20, A bi-partisan panel of politicians somehow come to a unanimous agreement that The War on Drugs is totally effed up.

Guest Starring Kevin Smith & Jason Mewes. Subscribe to their channel!



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4/20 tips for noob-free holidaze

By Box Johnson in Culture

Friday, April 19, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Puffing herb is one of my favorite past-times. To that end, I celebrate 4/20 all 365 days a year. I consider myself a pro now, but it wasn’t always that way. In high school, there was a lot of anticipation around my celebration of 4/20. Local dealers were contacted weeks in advance to source the required nug (gotta avoid price gouging and scarcity issues).


Bud in hand, we’d huddle over the brown brick of what we’d convince ourselves was “fire” and extract every last morsel of bud off the stems. Cigarellos were broken down, licked excessively, then re-purposed together like some bastardized Transformer known for it’s power of getting ridiculously stoned. In short: we were idiots. So for those who plan on partoking tomorrow, here are five things you can do to greatly improve your day that I’ve learned in my (high) life. . . . Read Complete Report


Reefer Madness
Now A THEI Special Presentation:
4/20 is the perfect time to watch the most famous anti-pot propaganda of all time.  And this time in full color!
Reefer Madness
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Reefer Madness (1936) – Full Movie In Color!

Published on Oct 21, 2012


2013: A great year to Celebrate 4/20 ~ the underground Marijuana Holiday (W/Video) (+) Selected Short Subject (Video)

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It’s High Time for That Cannabis Holiday: 4/20

Uploaded on Apr 19, 2011

The Internet is up in smoke in anticipation of 4/20. Practically a national holiday for college kids and aging hippies alike, 4/20 celebrates the consumption of cannabis, Mary Jane, pot, whatever you like to call it. According to Wikipedia, the holiday got its origins in 1971 from a group of teenagers in San Rafael, Calif., who liked to meet up at 4:20 p.m. to get high. As a result, 4/20 became their secret code word and 40 years later, the code word for an entire nation.


From ABC News By KRISTEN WYATT Associated Press DENVER April 15, 2013 (AP)

Legal Pot Draws Tourists to Colo., Wash., for 4/20

Thousands of people are expected to join an unofficial counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana in Colorado and Washington this coming weekend.

And the events and crowds will likely test the limits of new laws permitting pot use by adults. . . . Read Complete Report



From Business Insider By Kristen WyattAssociated Press | Apr. 15, 2013, 4:55 AM

Thousands Of Pot Tourists Are Coming To Colorado And Washington This Week To Celebrate Legalization

DENVER (AP) — Thousands of people are expected to join an unofficial counterculture holiday celebrating marijuana in Colorado and Washington this coming weekend, including out-of staters and even packaged tours. The events and crowds will test the limits of new laws permitting pot use by adults.

More than 50,000 are expected. . . . Read Complete Report


From Cornwall Free News Ottawa Canada. Added by admin on April 15, 2013.

Is 420 A Party Or A Protest? Actually, It’s Both by Russell Barth April 15, 2013


. . . “Every year for the past decade or more, Ottawa, like many other cities around the world, has had a 420 celebration of some sort. And in true Ottawa fashion, we don’t do it anywhere near the same as any other city. Most cities have a single central location that is agreed upon beforehand. Up until last year, 420 Ottawa was an organically-formed event where the majority of participants went to Major’s Hill Park (right across the street from that eyesore of a US embassy) for the huge party/drum circle that occurs there, while another crowd would form on Parliament Hill to break the law on the front lap of the seat of power.” . . . Read Complete Report


From OC Weekly By Nick Schou Wed., Mar. 27 2013 at 10:00 AM

Weedorama, San Bernardino Pot Fest Scheduled For 4/20, Has Been Cancelled


. . .  “the culprit is parking–or rather, the lack of it. In a statement issued yesterday, 420 Times editor Dave Brian said the event was being postponed because the “substantial” parking lots that had been promised for Weedorama were no longer available. No further details were provided about how or why the parking fell through, but Brian promised that ticket holders would receive a full refund. . . . Read Complete Report


THEI Selected Short Subject

From Inside Pulse by Joe Corey on April 13, 2013

Disc News: Cheech and Chong Get Animated For 4/20

Cheech and Chong might as well get credited for turning April 20th into an unofficial holiday. What’s to celebrate that day? What Cheech and Chong love to do the best. Although this year they arrive with a gift for you. Cheech and Chong’s Animated Movie arrives in theaters and shortly thereafter on home video for people who’d rather enjoy the film in their parents’ basement. The comedy duo will be spending April 20th on various social media spreading the word about their new adventure. Here’s the press release: . . . Read Complete Report, Press Release and complete 4/20 schedule.

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Published on Mar 22, 2013

In Theaters April 18, 2013! You’re not hallucinating (but they are)… It’s the legendary toker jokers Cheech & Chong as you’ve never seen them before — in their very first Animated Movie.

Cheech & Chong’s Animated Movie Trailer

Washington State: Marijuana Prohibition Repeal Day is Our New Favorite Holiday

From Mary Jane Washington

Posted by  on December 6, 2012

On December 6, 2012 hundreds of people fired up their marijuana devices under the Space Needle as a handful of disinterested Seattle cops stood by. Smoking pot is now legal here  – but the new law is not aboutsmoking marijuana. It’s about having the freedom to do so, without worrying about getting thrown in jail. As of today very person who walks over the border into Washington or is lucky enough to already be here has that right.

And how the Feds will react is anybody’s guess. Remember that last ridiculous prohibition we suffered through – the one on alcohol? During that insane era “medical” liquor was being sold by every drugstore in the country to perfectly healthy people – much the same way in which medical pot is being marketed now. A scam designed to drain the public treasury so that gangsters could get rich. And then the States starting repealing the law, and the Federal government finally gave in. . . . Read Complete Report

Christmas – Ancient Pagan Holiday Which Was Criminally Illegal Until 1907 (W/Video)

from The Huffington Post

Posted: 22/12/2012 11:04

The origins of Christmas are pretty much well known. There was a whole virgin birth in a manger while trekking across Africa or something, but what is less well known is that it was originally a pagan holiday which was criminalised until 1907 in the US.

It was in 601 that Pope Gregory I wrote to Melitus (his missionary in England) telling him “not to stop such ancient Pagan festivities” but to “adapt them to the rites of the Church, only changing the reason of them from a heathen to a Christian impulse”. So all those who have been claiming for years that Christmas was, in fact, actually a pagan holiday – you were right and Pope Gregory I handily put it in writing for you. . . . Read Complete Report


from NBC News

Pagan roots? 5 surprising facts about Christmas

By Stephanie Pappas

updated 12/23/2012 1:42:42 PM ET


Pre-Christian traditions abound in the beloved winter holiday

When you gather around the Christmas tree or stuff goodies into a stocking, you’re taking part in traditions that stretch back thousands of years — long before Christianity entered the mix.

Pagan, or non-Christian, traditions show up in this beloved winter holiday, a consequence of early church leaders melding Jesus’ nativity celebration with pre-existing midwinter festivals. Since then, Christmas traditions have warped over time, arriving at their current state a little more than a century ago. . . . Read Complete Report


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Pagan Invasion – The Unwrapping Of Christmas – Its History Myths And Traditions.

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Uploaded on Nov 12, 2011



From the New Statesman

Shake things up this Christmas: go pagan


Here’s to a well-fortified Christmas.

Christmas comes but once a year, takes up about a sixth of said year and half the annual budget, makes us fat, cross and compromised and leaves us stranded on the cusp of another January, gasping like beached fish and in dire need of another holiday to recover.

All of which, believe it or not, is positive, since it constitutes a gold and sparkly reason for alcoholic adventuring. Christmas may be the most boring time of the year in culinary terms – turkey being, in my opinion, a mere excuse for interesting additions, like the European equivalent of rice – but when it comes to drink, this truly is the season to be jolly. . . . Read Complete Report