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Hollow Earth/Subterranean Worlds Revisited: ATHANASIUS, UNDERGROUND

Illustration of Mount Vesuvius into which Kircher climbed, featured in Mundus Subterraneus. Public Domain

Illustration of Mount Vesuvius into which Kircher climbed, featured in Mundus Subterraneus. (Public Domain)

From The Public Domain Review


With his enormous range of scholarly pursuits the 17th century polymath Athanasius Kircher has been hailed as the last Renaissance man and “the master of hundred arts”. John Glassie looks at one of Kircher’s great masterworks Mundus Subterraneus and how it was inspired by a subterranean adventure Kircher himself made into the bowl of Vesuvius.
Just before Robert Hooke’s rightly famous microscopic observations of everything from the “Edges of Rasors” to “Vine mites” appeared inMicrographia in 1665, the insatiably curious and incredibly prolific Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher published what is in many ways a more spectacular work. Mundus Subterraneus (Underground World), a two-volume tome of atlas-like dimensions, was intended to lay out “before the eyes of the curious reader all that is rare, exotic, and portentous contained in the fecund womb of Nature.” There is an “idea of the earthly sphere that exists in the divine mind,” Kircher proclaimed, and in this book, one of more than thirty on almost as many subjects that he published during his lifetime, he tried to prove that he had grasped it. . . . Read Complete Report w/Photos

Flikr Slide Show of drawings from the book:

Updated Extensive Report: Hollow Earth, Book of Enoch, Secrets of all Secrets (W/ photos, videos, and diagrams)


Photo: UFO’S from Inside the Earth. Source: Unknown.

Some truth, some myth, some speculation. You figure it out.  Highly Recommended! . . . EDITOR

From Before it’s News By LavenderRose

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 1:12

Heaven is an inner, central, and solar location, whereas Paradise and Hell are outer, earthly, or planetary locations  A good example of this is the common wheel; the hub or center represents Heaven whereas the rim represents Earth, of which Paradise and Hell are part. The spokes of the wheel represent the interconnecting roads or gateways between the two.
The horoscope chart is another example with its center, spokes and rim, as is Plato’s landscape description of the legendary city of Atlantis. The Atlantis construct, however, which is a series of rings one inside the other, goes farther by including an even more interior or central component called the New Jerusalem(see diagram below). . . . Read complete extensive report w/ photos, videos, diagrams and more


max fyfield, hollow eart

Photo: Hollow Earth Diagram by Max Fyfield. Used with permission of the artist.


Go Deeper: Is the Earth Hollow? . . . And if so, What Waits Below? by Dennis Crenshaw

Letter to a Skeptic by Dennis Crenshaw

Science and the Hollow Earth Theory by Dennis Crenshaw

Go EVEN Deeper: Site Guide (Dennis Crenshaw’s Early Research ~1990s)

Oceanography Student Uses Crashing Waves On Shorelines to Study Earth’s Interior

shoreline-galapagos-island-CREDIT Fran Hogan SOURCE Public Domain Pictures.net

from Science Daily

Dec. 5, 2012 — Scientists have long used the speed of seismic waves traveling through Earth as a means of learning about the geologic structure beneath Earth’s surface, but the seismic waves they use have typically been generated by earthquakes or human-made explosions. A University of Rhode Island graduate student is using the tiny seismic waves created by ocean waves crashing on shorelines around the world to learn how an underwater plateau was formed 122 million years ago. . . . Read Complete Report

2 American Doctors Inspect Presumed Alien Skeleton (Video Report)

Déformation_Péruvienne SOURCE Wikipedia Public Domain

Photo: Homo sapiens sapiens – Deliberate deformity of the skull, “peruvian deformity ” Proto-Nazca Culture (from 200 to 100 BC), Region of Nazca Peru. 7 January 2012. CREDIT: Didier Descouens SOURCE: Wikipedia This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. (Public Domain) 


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Published on Nov 19, 2012

Russian Officer: Alien Machines Under The Icecaps

Secret of the Ages Cover

Photo: Secret of the Ages – UFOs from Inside the Earth :  (cover) (1974). by Brinsley Le Poer Trench.  First book to explore UFO’S From Inside the Earth and Your Editor’s favorite Hollow Earth book.

from Before its News

Thursday, November 1, 2012 20:29

First Rank Captain Vladimir Prikhodko, the chairman of a public research organization for underwater studies, notes Russia, the U.S. and China are spending billions in space, when maybe they should spend the money down heredown deep under the sea, under the glistening, blue-tinted polar icecaps where, he claims, gigantic alien machines are hidden.

UFOs at the poles
For decades the Russian military has tracked UFOs and alien comings and goings at the top and bottom of the world. The bases flaunt the world powers and the technology the machinery display are sometimes little short of magic. . . . Read Complete Report

EARTH ~ World’s Largest Subwoofer? Earthquakes ‘Pump’ Ground to Produce Infrasound

Earth-crust-cutaway-japanese.svg SOURCE Wikipedia Public domain

This needs further study.

They tell me the earth is basically full of hot and cold matter.  However, every sub-woofer I’ve ever seen was hollow. In fact it’s that ‘hollow’ in the sub-woofer that has a lot to do with that deep bass sound everyone is looking for.  For a sub-woofer to work it has to have a hollow area behind the speaker.

My question; where in the accepted theory of the makeup of our planet is the hollow part of – quote “The world’s largest sub-woofer?” end-quote. 

If our planet is the ‘world’s biggest sub-woofer’ then it must have the ‘worlds biggest hollow spot’ to make it work. And of course, those interested in Gardner’s Hollow Earth theory would want to know about the small round hole in the speaker box that must be there for a subwoofer to work.

Earth, world’s largest sub-woofer Hollow with a small circular hole in the body. What say you Hollow Earthers?. .  . EDITOR

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Oct. 18, 2012) — Earthquakes sway buildings, buckle terrain, and rumble — both audibly and in infrasound, frequencies below the threshold of human hearing. New computer modeling by a team of researchers indicates that most of the low-frequency infrasound comes from an unexpected source: the actual “pumping” of Earth’s surface. The researchers confirmed their models by studying data from an actual earthquake.

“It’s basically like a loudspeaker,” said Stephen Arrowsmith, a researcher with the Geophysics Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Santa Fe, N.M., who presents his team’s findings at the 164th meeting of the Acoustical Society of America (ASA), held Oct. 22 — 26 in Kansas City, Missouri. “In much the same way that a subwoofer vibrates air to create deep and thunderous base notes, earthquakes pump and vibrate the atmosphere producing sounds below the threshold of human hearing. . . . Read Complete Report



UPDATED: Hollow Earth Question: Helix Nebula – Unraveling at the Seams (or) is The Nebula Just Coming Together?

Helix Nebula SOURCE NASA Photo Gallery of the Day

from NASA Image of the Day Gallery

Helix Nebula – Unraveling at the Seams

A dying star is throwing a cosmic tantrum in this combined image from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope and the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), which NASA has lent to the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. In death, the star’s dusty outer layers are unraveling into space, glowing from the intense ultraviolet radiation being pumped out by the hot stellar core. . . . Read Complete Report


But is NASA’s explanation based on the true facts, or is this just fitting “facts” to authenticate accepted theory? Let’s look at another theory . . . 


New Planet Emerging

There could be a different explanation all together as to what’s going on with the Helix Nebula. One theory is that its actually moving towards its next natural evolution. That of becoming a full-fledged planet. Sound impossible? 

According to Marshall B. Gardner’s 1913 book laying out his Hollow Earth Theory: “A Journey to the Earth’s Interior.” [Link to complete book]






















The Hollow Earth Diagram. by Max Fyfield (used with permission.)

The Evolution of a planet from nebulae

Gardner’s theory is that all planets are formed from nebula. 

His claim that this missing piece of the equation, along with the ignoring of centrifugal force, is where accepted science takes a left turn using misdirected data.


Crab Nebula. CREDIT NASA

Planet forming, early stage.

According to Gardner, lighter material was spun outward by centrifugal force. At the point where centrifugal force and gravitational pull meet the forces become equal and an outer crust formed from the material stuck between these opposing forces.. Today that’s the earth’s crust and mantle.

Image of the youngest known planetary nebula, the Stingray nebula (Hen-1357). SOURCE NASA





The Hourglass Nebula. SOURCE NASA





The “Eskimo” Nebula (NGC 2392). SOURCE NASA




Gravity alone however, controlled the very heavy matter. This heavier matter continues to pull tighter and tighter as it ever moves inward.

These actions of the tremendous pressure causes heat. Massive Heat creates light. Therefore in the center of the world is a small center sun. Gardner claims that between the solid outer shell and the inner sun is an atmosphere just as on the outside of the hollow shell. He also claimed that on the underside of the crust, or mantle “Was a landscape not unlike that on the outside.”

 That, in a nutshell, (no pun intended) is the theory. . . Continue article “Letter to a Skeptic.”

For an interesting look at accepted scientific facts that fit the hollow earth theory as well as, if not better, than the accepted theory  visit “the Hollow Earth Theory and Known Scientific Facts.”

Different Strokes for different folks . . . EDITOR

from youtube

HOLLOW EARTH – Stewart Swerdlow

Published on Sep 30, 2011 by 

The reality of the majority of planets being hollow, is still a hard concept for most to grasp. We have been taught so much disinfo within the ‘education’ system, so alternatives are easily dismissed, by acceptance of false science and ignorance. Its time to learn the truth.

Stewart Swerdlow gives excellent description of formations and characteristics of these hollow planetoids. How they are formed and why conventional science just does not add up… * pictures are for illustration purposes only, and do not depict actual events*. . . . Text posted with video at youtube


Wanna learn more? Go DEEPER


Retro: A Hollow Earth Science Primer (w/full documentary “Journey to the Hollow Earth”)


Photo: Taken in 1969 by the ESSA 7 satellite, this controversial composite, first published by pioneer ufologist Ray Palmer on the cover of Flying Saucer Magazine has never been satisfactory explained. CREDIT NASA (Public Domain)  

Over the years I have pointed out several major establishment scientific findings that fit into the 1913 Hollow Earth Theory put forth by Marshall B. Gardner as good as, if not  better than, the ever-changing establishment Theory of the make-up of our world. 

Some of the “Hollow Earth Science” findings are Huge Mountains, Valleys found in Depths of the Earth, (Inner Lands)  Earth’s Core Spinning Faster than Crust (Inner Sun),  Polar fountains fill magnetosphere with ions, (Fountains flowing OUT) 2 Other Layers Reported Around the Earth’s Core 1,800 Miles Down and Oxygen. . . EDITOR

from Live Science

Huge Stockpile of Oxygen Found Deep Inside Earth
Jeanna Bryner
Date: 01 October 2007 Time: 04:38 AM ET
A mineral that acts like a sponge beneath Earth’s surface stores more oxygen than expected, keeping our planet from becoming dry and inhospitable like Mars.

The key to the abundant oxygen storage is the mineral majorite, which exists deep below Earth’s surface in the mantle. Without the oxygen stockpile, Earth would probably be a barren planet hostile to life, authors of a study suggest in the Sept. 27 issue of the journalNature.

The researchers examined majorite in the lab under conditions mimicking the Earth’s deep interior and also near the planet’s surface. The results showed that under deep-Earth conditions of high temperature and pressure, majorite stores large amounts of oxygen. When the temperature and pressure were decreased, as occurs near Earth’s surface, the majorite decomposed and released the oxygen.

“The Earth’s upper mantle can store, therefore, much more oxygen than previously expected,” . . . Read Complete Report

from youtube

UFOTV® Presents : Journey To The Hollow Earth

Uploaded by  on Jan 2, 2011

This film presents the history, mythology & folklore that the earth has a hollow realm, a mystical and physical place of great mystery and wonder. The hollow earth theory is represented in the history of many diverse cultures throughout the world. The Avalon of Camelot, the Garden of Eden, Paradise Lost, Shangri-La and Valhalla are names assigned to a mystical and physical place thought by some to house prehistoric animals and plants and by others to hide alien beings bent on conquering the outer Earth. . . . Text Posted with video at youtube

EDITOR’s NOTE: I have proven through personal research beyond a shadow of doubt that the so-called “Missing Diary of Admiral Richard E. Byrd” is a plagiarized fake. You can read my EXCLUSIVE Research Report here. And the proposed flight “beyond the poles” talked about in this video never happened. They were never able to secure the funds. . . EDITOR 

Retro Classic: The Odd Exploits of Admiral Byrd and The Secret Land – Full film

Vol4 #1

This is a good intro article into the subject of Admiral Byrd’s mysterious exploits.  I disagree with some of this report and my own research does not support some of the claims, but its a good place to start.

Just remember. As with anything you read or see, either here or somewhere else; Do your own research, then decide.  Be sure and read what I found out through research about the phoney diary, The Missing Diary of Admiral Byrd, Fact or Fiction?  A lot of hollowearthers still think it is the real thing. At the bottom of this post you can GO DEEPER and read all of my Research Reports on Admiral Byrd. . . EDITOR

The Odd Exploits of Admiral Byrd

from Gralien Report

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Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, historic American icon famous for his explorations of the Earth’s polar extremities, was widely regarded during his lifetime as a pioneer and hero. A decorated naval officer, Byrd even received the Medal of Honor in 1926 for his alleged flight to the North Pole (though the legitimacy of this claim was later disputed by a number of researchers). However, in spite of the scientific and historic merit of Byrd’s achievements, there are less widely-publicized theories which suggest Byrd was onto something that went far deeper than his exploration of the surface world.

The fringe beliefs associated with Admiral Byrd’s exploits spin off in a variety of strange directions, all of which seem to belong more in the realm of science fiction than historic fact. For example, some accounts have claimed the famous explorer, while visiting the polar regions, actually discovered entrances to a vast Hollow Earth, in which lost civilizations with advanced UFO flying craft existed. One book dealing with this notion,  . . . Read Complete Report


The Secret Land – Full film

from youtube

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The United States Army, Navy, Coast Guard and Marines in Antartica. (1947)

GO DEEPER: Dennis Crenshaw’s Research Reports; Admiral Byrd


UPDATE – Coast to Coast 6/14/12: Update The Hollow Earth Expedition and more (Video)

Max Fyfield-hollowearth

Update: From the post, “The Hollow Earth Expedition is On” (6/5/12)

This update: Dr. Brooks Agnew on Coast to Coast this morning . . . EDITOR

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