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Hollow Earth vs Honeycomb Earth & Inner Earth Civilizations – Corey Goode

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Hollow Earth vs Honeycomb Earth & Inner Earth Civilizations – Corey Goode

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Published on Apr 14, 2017

Corey Goode in Kona, Hawaii discussing the Inner Earth Civilizations and the Secret Space Program.

Dig a Little Deeper: Hollow Earth/Subterranean Worlds

UPDATE – Coast to Coast 6/14/12: Update The Hollow Earth Expedition and more (Video)

Update: From the post, “The Hollow Earth Expedition is On” (6/5/12)

This update: Dr. Brooks Agnew on Coast to Coast this morning . . . EDITOR

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Published on Jun 14, 2012 by

Plate Tectonics Cannot Explain Dynamics of Earth and Crust Formation More Than Three Billion Years Ago

Photo: “Plate tectonics theory can be applied to about 3 billion years of the Earth’s history. However, the Earth is older, up to 4.567 billion years old. We can now demonstrate that there has been a significant shift in the Earth’s dynamics. Thus, the Earth, under the first third of its history, developed under conditions other than what can be explained using the plate tectonics model,” explains Tomas Næraa. (Credit: Image courtesy of University of Copenhagen)

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (June 1, 2012) — The current theory of continental drift provides a good model for understanding terrestrial processes through history. However, while plate tectonics is able to successfully shed light on processes up to 3 billion years ago, the theory isn’t sufficient in explaining the dynamics of Earth and crust formation before that point and through to the earliest formation of planet, some 4.6 billion years ago. This is the conclusion of Tomas Naæraa of the Nordic Center for Earth Evolution at the Natural History Museum of Denmark, a part of the University of Copenhagen. His new doctoral dissertation has just been published by the journal Nature. . . . Read Complete Report

Bruce Alan Walton’s 1985 Classic: “A Guide to the Inner Earth” (E-Book Edition)

A loose alliance of Inner-Earth researchers pooling their information for the benefit of all. Basic requirement for membership: An inquisitive mind.

In the days before the internet my long time friend and THEI contributing Insider Bruce Alan Walton’s (AKA BRANTON) 1985 classic bibliography “A Guide to the Inner Earth” was a “must have” for anyone researching the inner realms.  In fact back when I started my delving into the “Worlds Below” I considered it to be my most important source book.

Today, 27 years later, I believe it is still the most important source book available for anyone seriously studying the subject. Here is the link to a FREE e-book version of the most important resource of Inner Earth information ever compiled. Thanks Bruce for compiling it and making it available FREE to those who are interested. . . . EDITOR

                     A Guide to the Inner Earth (1985) Bruce A Walton: A bibliography

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Retired USAF Col. Claims he Came from Inside the Earth & the Hollow Earth Network

Hollow Earth Network with Col. Billie F. Woodard(ret) & co.

We have never met nor talked to Col Billie Faye Woodard. We are featuring him her for the time being because we feel that this is “Hollow Earth” information we should pass on.  He has a blogtalkradio show callled The Hollow Earth Network, (Link Below . . . EDITOR


According to information on his web site:

“Billie was born in Hollow Earth living many centuries before coming to the surface to carry out a mission.

His body was changed from a 5th Dimensional being into a 3-D one so as to “fit in” with his new surface world.

He has come forward now to complete his mission with a message for humanity here on the surface.”

To find out more on Billie please visit his website and read his story at http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/.

I am your host Dale Benadum and welcome you to another episode of Hollow Earth Network.


For much of the 40 yeas of my personal research into the Hollow Earth Enigma go DEEPER into this site. . . Dennis