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12,000 Peaceful People Arrested in Italy for Not Paying Taxes and Police Discover Thriving Black Market

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By JG Vibes

January 26, 2012

Thanks to a lifetime of propaganda, people will argue relentlessly that taxation is not an act of violence, they will deny that it perpetuates a complicated form of slavery, and many times get deeply offended when you point out the fact that it is theft.

Yet, peaceful people are taken against their will and thrown in cages every day for not paying taxes.  If this action was not carried by the state, everyone would recognize it as a violent kidnapping.

This year in Italy alone around 12,000 people had armed government workers trespass on their property, take them against their will and lock them up in a cage. . . . Read Complete Report

Mysterious Underground Pyramids Found In Italy (w/Video)

Photo: Underground city of Orvieto, Italy CREDIT: Roberto Ferrari from Campogalliano (Modena), Italy. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license.

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Friday, September 21, 2012 8:25

A group of Italian and American archaeologists discovered unique underground pyramid in the town of Orvieto, Italy, says Utro.ru. The constructions carved in volcanic limestone rock were found underneath a wine cellar of a residential house. All lower constructions were completely buried under the ground.

“Within this upper section, which had been modified in modern times and was used as a wine cellar, we noticed a series of ancient stairs carved into the wall. They were clearly of Etruscan construction,” David B. George of the Department of Classics at Saint Anselm said.

During excavations, the scientists discovered that the buildings had a pyramidal shape. In addition, several tunnels were found going far deeper into the cellar. . . . Read complete Report

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Orvieto below the surface

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The city of Orvieto has always had an intense life in its underground space. Over thousand caves, three thousand years of history under the urban fabric. A destination for fascinating visits and tours.