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FDR provoked the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor

Featured Image: This detailed astronaut photograph illustrates the southern coastline of the Hawaiian island Oahu, including Pearl Harbor. On December 7, 1941—68 years ago—a surprise attack by the Japanese Navy on Pearl Harbor and other targets on the island of Oahu precipitated the entry of the United States into World War II. Today, Pearl Harbor is still in use as a major United States Navy installation, and along with Honolulu, it is one of the most heavily developed parts of the island. CREDIT: This image or video was catalogued by Johnson Space Center of the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) under Photo ID: ISS021-E-15710. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

 PearlharborcolorArazona SOURCE Wikipedia Commons Public DomainThe forward magazines of the U.S. Navy battleship USS Arizona (BB-39) explode shortly after 08:00 hrs during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (USA), 7 December 1941. CREDIT: US Navy SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (Public Domain)

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Cute Curio Kicks in a Really Weird 2013: The Japanese Talking Fork! (W/Video)

Photo: “Made in Japan” EsTheremine, otherwise simply referred to as the Talking Fork. Source Werd Asia News

Werd Asia News

Belated this probably is, but anyway…Happy New Year to all our lovely readers here on WAN!

So what’s your resolution? Could it be to have quieter, etiquette-conscious meals? Not this year — sorry.

It’s not because of your chatty, overly attached significant other, or the voices in your head. It’s your “Made in Japan” EsTheremine, otherwise simply referred to as the Talking Fork that’s doing the…talking.

First, our prolific Japanese scientists created the talking toilet. Now they have also pushed the power of speech to another common item — that ironically spends much of its lifetime in your mouth. . . . Read Complete Report

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Japanese Musical Fork Makes Sounds as You Eat

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Published on Dec 28, 2012

First they made the toilet talk and now a new invention from Japan has brought the power of speech to another everyday item. Perfect if you find mealtimes a little dull, this new invention is certain to inject a bit of interest in to your lunch … it’s the fork that talks to you. Kind of.

Alien Race Built Mysterious Underwater City (w/video)

When we think of our closest neighbors, the Co-Planetarians, we usually think of the lands found inside our planet. But actually the most obvious places on earth for the abode of home-bred-aliens is the water which covers 2/3 of the blue planet. Oceans, seas, lakes and rivers have long been associated with UFO and other activities that defies explanation.  It’s really exciting when explorers of the still unknown areas of our planet find evidence of a long gone civilization.  Will this “lost” city answer questions about mankind’s lost history?    We shall keep you informed of developments. In the mean time,Enjoy! . . EDITOR

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Monday, March 05, 2012 11:32

by Insider Matt le Claire

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Said to ‘mystify’ experts, a sprawling, ancient city lies deep underwater off the Japanese coast. Who built it? How old is it? What do the strange symbols carved into some of the stone monoliths mean? Evidence suggests that the enigmatic citythat includes a pyramidmay have been built by a race of alien giants long before the history of Mankind was written. . . Read Complete Report/ w Illustrations


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Japan’s Mysterious Pyramids (Yonaguni) – FULL VERSION History Channel Documentary

Evidence of an advanced civilization buried beneath the sea that could be more than 10,000 years old.