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Fun Weekend Off World!

Soup Media Network does Starbase Indy

December 14, 2011

Well, Starbase Indy 16th Generation (16th year) has come and gone. And Soup Media Network was there!

SMN’s Own Rick Osmon represented the network and made some new friends: John Billingsley (Doctor Phlox of Enterprise), Bonita Friedericy (Gen Beckman on Chuck), Jay Avacone (Major Kawalsky in Stargate), Tony Todd (Worf’s brother), Dean Haglund (“Langley” in X-Files), David Reddick (creator and artist of both web comics “Rod and Barry” and “The Legend of Bill”), Deborah Downey (“Hippie Space Chick” from the STOS episode “Headed to Eden”), and Morgan Gendel (writer of the very populat STNG episode, “The Inner Light”).

There were also bands…I may never become a connoisseur of Klingon music, but the battle of the bands was fun none the less.

See the video HERE