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*Buzzarro* In Japan, Buying Marijuana From A Vending Machine

I remember seeing beer dispensing machines on the docks of the Panama Canal and thought that was cool, but this ever beats that. I wonder if they have one of those rear-view mirrors stuck on the dispenser so you can watch for the cops slipping up behind you when you stick your money in and pull the leaver. I’ll pass. . . . EDITOR

from World Crunch

Tuesday 29 May 2012


YOKOHAMA – Japan is known for its vending machines: there is one on every street corner, selling anything from underwear and socks, to toys and green tea.  But here’s one you may (or may not) be jonesing for: a vending machine that sells marijuana.

Last week police in Kanagawa, near Yokohama, raided a general store for selling “herbs containing cannabis-like ingredients” reports the Japan Times. The shop’s owners weren’t dealing drugs from behind the counter, but instead took advantage of a legal loophole allowing them to install a vending machine — and pretend they don’t know what’s inside. . . . Read Complete Report