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Tesla Tower video: Futuristic high voltage machine in lightning action near Moscow

Featured Image: Nikola Tesla SOURCE: Library of Congress photos. (Public Domain)

youtube by RT

Published on Aug 24, 2014

Thunder and lightning: For centuries mankind’s been amazed as well as terrified at the threatening beauty of nature’s fury. But these days it’s actually been domesticated, and now we can even throw a thunderbolt at the push of a button, as Ilya Petrenko reports.

ALSO WATCH: Futuristic high voltage machine in lightning action near Moscowhttp://youtu.be/YDPRqzHS0xU

youtube by Top Secret News 1 Published on Oct 20, 2013

Dig a LITTLE DEEPER: THEI Archive “Tesla.”   “Haarp”

Pentagon too broke to buy a new fax machine

Featured Image: The Pentagon, headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, taken from an airplane in January 2008. CREDIT: David B. Gleason from Chicago, IL. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons (This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license).

Wait until you see who’s job THIS affects. “A broke fax machine” indeed.

This administration seems to be able to drag their feet any time  they want to withhold information and the controlled media, the target in this case,  just lets them get away with it. Scary stuff. . . EDITOR

From RT Published time: September 16, 2013 19:01

The United States went ahead with major spending cuts earlier this year, slicing around $85 billion off the federal budget. But while most government offices remain afloat, a fax machine on the fritz may be too costly for the Pentagon to fix.

Investigative journalists working for the website Muckrock.com have identified one side-effect of the sequester that is only now starting to cause concerns. A facsimile machine at Defense Department headquarters has reportedly been out of commission for almost three weeks now and is hindering the ability for reporters to file Freedom of Information Act requests with the military. . . Read Complete Report

ANCIENT COMPUTER – Ancient Discoveries (full documentary) HD

Featured Image: The watermill, the earliest machine harnessing natural forces (apart from the sail) and as such holding a special place in the history of technology,[1] was invented by Greek engineers somewhere between the 3rd and 1st centuries BC.[2][3][4][1] Here a Roman gristmill as described by Vitruvius. CREDIT: Xvazquez SOURCE: Wikipedia (Public Domain).

From youtube uploaded by LifeAndHistory101

Published on May  8, 2013

ancient computer – ancient discoveries (full documentary episode).  thanks for watching.

Free Energy Machine Created In Brazil, Coming To Illinois In The Fall Of 2013 (W/Video Report)

Featured Image: Photograph of Nikola Tesla. SOURCE: the Library of Congress.

Nokila Tesla, the father of Alternate Currents, which proved to be the best method of moving electrical from place to place safely and economically. But, once he claimed he was working on a way to provide free energy to everyone the robber barons led by Thomas Edison  would no longer support his unprofitable ideas.

From Before it’s News Sunday, May 5, 2013 17:42

A very unique and first of its kind in the world ‘free energy’ machine has been built in Brazil and, according to the story and newspaper ad below, will soon be coming to Illinois in the Fall of 2013. A video description of this new free energy device is given in the video below by Sterling Allan. According to their website, this free energy will be fed entirely by the Earth’s gravity and once completed, will operate continuously, forever!!! . . . Read Complete Report

From youtube uploaded by PESNetwork

RAR Energia Gravity Motor — Intro by Sterling Allan of PESN

Published on May 3, 2013

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Satellite surveillance machine,’Argus’, the governments super spy weapon (Video Report)

Featured Image; Credit: David Dees

From youtube uploaded by JohnDoHerty2012

Published on Apr 21, 2013

This is the next generation of surveillance, this is the first time ever the government have given permission to show the technology they use. These are the BASIC machines so keep your mind open to what they can have, not just vision but sound, infra-red etc . . . Posted as Description w/video.

Robotics: Google buys machine learning startup (Video Report) (+) Blueprint for an artificial brain

From youtube uploaded by WorIdAudiodNews

Google buys machine learning start-up (Video Report)

Published on Mar 19, 2013

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Blueprint for an artificial brain

from RoboDaily by Staff Writers
Bielefeld, Germany (SPX) Mar 04, 2013

Scientists have long been dreaming about building a computer that would work like a brain. This is because a brain is far more energy-saving than a computer, it can learn by itself, and it doesn’t need any programming. Privatdozent [senior lecturer] Dr. Andy Thomas from Bielefeld University’s Faculty of Physics is experimenting with memristors – electronic microcomponents that imitate natural nerves.

Thomas and his colleagues proved that they could do this a year ago. They constructed a memristor that is capable of learning. Andy Thomas is now using his memristors as key components in a blueprint for an artificial brain. He will be presenting his results at the beginning of March in the print edition of the prestigious Journal of Physics published by the Institute of Physics in London. . . . Read Complete Report


The Machine that Changed the World: The World at Your Fingertips. (Full Documentary)

from youtube uploaded by TTVRewind

Uploaded on Jan 14, 2011

The Machine That Changed the World: The World at Your Fingertips. (1992) (Documentary)


Ongoing Project: Robot replacing Man (Video Report) (+) Link to Classic 1939 robotics movie

Photo: From the movie The Phantom Creeps (1939) BONUS! Link to full movie.

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2045: Man becomes machine

Uploaded by RTAmerica

Published on Dec 28, 2012

Over the decades, technology has progressed faster than any other time in human history. Electronic machines are being used to improve our everyday lives and it is believed that by 2045 humans will become one with machines. RT’s Liz Wahl has more on the future of the human race.
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From Berkeley Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory 
The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC™)

The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC™) is the third generation exoskeleton system. It incorporates the features of ExoHiker™ and ExoClimber™ exhibiting two independent characteristics:

  • It takes up to 200 pounds without impeding the wearer (Strength Augmentation)
  • It decreases its wearer’s metabolic cost (Endurance Augmentation).

While the first characteristic requires little explanation, the 2nd characteristic is a compelling and competitive advantage of HULC™ completely absent in any other exoskeleton system. During preliminary evaluations, oxygen consumption of users walking at a speed of 2 MPH, decreased by 5%~12% when using our Alpha test unit without a payload. When users carried a load, the effect was more pronounced. The oxygen consumption of these users carrying an 81 pound approach load at a speed of 2MPH decreased by about 15% when using the prototype HULC™ . . . Read Complete Report W/additional video

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Robotics: Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun! (Video Report)

From ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com via youtube

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Published on Apr 23, 2012

Obey Television (video)

One thing that almost no one can deny is that the television is the number one propaganda machine in the Controllers arsenal. There is a short video that addresses that issue in an easy to understand way, while being highly entertaining. . . . EDITOR


from youtube

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