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Five Things You May ‘Know’ About Marijuana That Aren’t True – (Bonus Video)

from News Junkie Post

By Steve Elliott

Feb 27, 2010 at 2:19 am

The bulk of my writing is done for a pot-savvy audience, so it usually goes without saying that certain “cultural perceptions” about cannabis are wrong. To correct these marijuana myths to a crowd of potheads would be a classic case of singing to (an albeit higher) choir.

As editor of a pot website, I live and breathe marijuana (see what I did there?) every day, and have a great chance to fully inform myself.

But when speaking to members of the general public, I’m often struck (and stop that! It hurts) with the wide prevalence of beliefs about marijuana that have been scientifically disproven for years.

How many of these myths have you trusted lately? . . . Read complete  article

from Military.com

BONUS VIDEO: Mexican Soldiers find 300 acre Pot Farm