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Bank of America spied on Anonymous activists ahead of ‘Million Mask March’

Featured Image: Cropped from Million Mask March Video upload CREDIT-@kurtizz01-SOURCE RTcom. (Fair-use)

From youtube uploaded by RT America  on Jan 9, 2014

Published on Jan 9, 2014

A coordinated day of protests around the world last November 5 was planned by members of the amorphous hacktivist group Anonymous. New documents indicate that Anons weren’t the only one interested in those events, however.  . . . From Description posted with video.

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‘The Corrupt Fear Us!’ Massive Anonymous ‘Million Mask March’ as it happened (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

From RT.com Published time: November 06, 2013 15:18
Edited time: November 06, 2013 22:42

Featured Image: From the Million Mask March. PHOTO CREDIT: @kurtizz01 SOURCE RT.com (Fair Use)

Thousands of people worldwide joined Million Mask March rallies organized by the amorphous Anonymous movement. Rallies, both peaceful and confrontational, protested austerity, surveillance, corporate greed and corrupt governments.

In a mass demonstration of people power, crowds in 450 cities around the world filled the streets wearing Guy Fawkes masks.  “The corrupt fear us. The honest support us. The heroic join us” – under this motto protesters united in a global mass-march to deliver various messages.

From Sydney to Los Angeles, from Johannesburg to London – thousands came forward to make their voices heard. Among key ideas which virtually connected all different protests were anti-capitalist idealism and the rejection of NSA surveillance. Some rallies had a sense of carnival, where whole families with kids marched in protest, while other gatherings – like in London and Washington – turned more intense, with people not hiding their rage.  . . . Read Complete detailed Report with great photos.

From youtube uploaded by RT 

Face Time: Hundreds march in DC in Anonymous inspired protest

Published on Nov 5, 2013

People in hundreds of cities across the world are taking part in mass rallies planned by the global protest group – Anonymous. The day of action is called the Million Mask March – it’s uniting those, protesting against the violation of online privacy, as well as corporate greed and corrupt governments. Protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks – are demonstrating their allegiance with the Anonymous hacktivist group – infamous for its online anti-government actions. One of the biggest rallies is underway in Washington DC – RT’s Gayane Chichakyan joined the protesters there. Live Updates: http://on.rt.com/fnd6uh

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ANONYMOUS Million Mask March – November 5th 2013 – The Lion Sleeps No More

From youtube uploaded by NEO2012anonymous

From youtube uploaded by extremumspiritum


Published on Oct 31, 2013

This November 5th, the “World Wide Hackers Group” Anonymous says that it will target government facilities… all over the globe.


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