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“Big Data Mining Program Did NOT In FACT Stop ANY Terrorist Attacks The Report Makes That Clear”

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Deep Space Industries announces asteroid mining plans

Photo: Artist’s concept of DSI’s Harvestor (Image credit: DSI) More photos posted with article.

from GizMag


January 23, 2013

The asteroid mining business got a bit more crowded as a new concern called Deep Space Industries (DSI) enters the ring. The company announced its public launching at the Museum of Flying in Santa Monica, California where a panel presentation of officials and guests outlined DSI’s philosophy and plans for becoming a major force in opening up asteroid mining within a few years.

DSI, currently based in McLean, Virginia, was started mid-2012 and is currently seeking additional investors and customers. According to the panel, there are 9,500 near-Earth asteroids with 1,700 of these easier to get to than the Moon. The company believes that by keeping costs down and concentrating on creating a series of near-term returns it’s possible to make mining these asteroids not only feasible, but a business field capable of almost unlimited expansion. . . . Read Complete Report

Can Modern Gold Mining Be Sustainable? (w/Video)

from National Geographic

Posted by Dan Stone of National Geographic Magazine in Change Reaction on December 6, 2012

It’s a core part of California lore. Back in 1848, golden rocks were discovered in the hills north of Sacramento.The value of the element caught attention nationally, drawing thousands of hopeful miners out to northern California. The small state trading post of San Francisco quickly boomed into a large city.

Gold mining still happens today, with higher yields than ever before. Considering mining’s impact on the planet, and the global appetite for gold, we decided to visit a working mine near Shasta, California. . . . Read Complete Report