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CLASSIC: Astro Boy 1963: Volume 01 : “Mission to the Middle of the World”

Featured image: This is the front cover art for the book Astro Boy written by Osamu Tezuka. The book cover art copyright is believed to belong to the publisher,  Kobunsha /Kodansha, or the cover artist. SOURCE: Wikipedia Commons. (Fair Use)
Astro Boy – a mixture of Superman and mighty Mouse goes underground! In what else? A drilling machine!. . . EDITOR

THEI Selected Short Subject

from youtube uploaded by Manga Entertainment

Published on May 27, 2013

The Valyx, a rather unique earth-digging vehicle developed by Professor Prober, suddenly appears: ten years and half a world away from its initial plunge. But strange markings have appeared on its surface. Astro Boy, his sister Astro Girl, and a stowaway reporter, Reed Daley, take the Valyx back into the earth to investigate. Many miles down they discover a tribe of Deros, people who originally came from the lost continent of Atlantis. Using their destructive Rock Smog Machines, they intend to wage war on the surface people. Reed Daley turns traitor to help King Duba, but their ambitions are foiled by Astro Boy along with a fortuitous earthquake. The good robots return to the surface, wiser, but fearful that no one will believe their story. Of course, we know it’s true! . . . Description posted with video.

NASA’s SAMPEX Mission: A Space Weather Warrior

from Science Daily

ScienceDaily (Nov. 1, 2012) — NASA’s very first small explorer, the Solar, Anomalous, and Magnetospheric Particle Explorer or SAMPEX, was launched July 3, 1992 to study the zoo of particles and cosmic rays surrounding Earth. Surviving much longer than its expected mission of three years and providing invaluable observations for those who study space weather, the SAMPEX mission is now almost over. In early November, the spacecraft’s orbit will decay enough that it will re-enter Earth’s atmosphere, burning up completely on re-entry. . . . Read Complete Report


Photo Below: SAMPEX data have provided some of the most useful observations of the Van Allen Belts — two rings of radiation around Earth. This SAMPEX data shows the belts during what’s known as the Halloween Storms in October 2003, a time when the radiation belts around Earth swelled so much that they merged into a single ring. (Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) SOURCE Science Daily.